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Woo! These last two weeks have gone by so scarily fast that I’m still trying to catch up to life right now. I’m hoping to…


Woo! These last two weeks have gone by so scarily fast that I’m still trying to catch up to life right now. I’m hoping to get back to regular posting in the next couple of days, but here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. The day after my last post, my brother wrecked his car (he’s safe and wasn’t hurt and no one else was involved-thank goodness!) while my parents were out of town, so I had to step in as the big sister and help him through that day. It was emotionally and mentally draining. Car wrecks are pretty dang high on the list of “worst fears” because I realize how quickly someone can be here and then gone the next minute because of them. Although it was a horrible day, my brother left the wreck unharmed, so we were all pretty lucky that day.

2. I’ve been lusting after clothing that is way too expensive for me, and I have had to come to the realization that I probably will NEVER be able to afford them because I’m studying to be a teacher :(.

1. Calvin Klein $148

2. MICHAEL Michael Kors $190

3. Lauren by Ralph Lauren $229

4. Vince Camuto $275

5. Sejour $158

3. I’ve been wearing relatively boring outfits.

4. I’ve been reading a lot of works about public writing, technologies of activism, girl power movements, and collaborative writing for activism, and I’m starting to get excited for my graduate project. (Total geek.)

5. I’ve been thinking a lot about how different bodies have different experiences in certain situations. For instance, where I work at now made a huge deal about cleavage. During our training camp, the director spoke about how bad cleavage was for a good 15-20 minutes with the entire staff. At first it didn’t bother me; “No cleavage” is a typical request at work places. But the continued emphasis on the body part alone started making me really uncomfortable to the point where I am very nervous about what I wear to work. In my body, when I sit down, I seriously only have one inch from the bottom of my neck to where my cleavage starts. I started to feel like I was a horrible person if I didn’t wear a turtle neck every day because boobs had been made the #1 Public Enemy. I’m still sorting out how I feel about this and how I think this kind of pressure/expectations/chastising affects different bodies.

6. I’ve also been loving watching Big Sexy on TLC. Here’s hoping they pick it up for a longer season!

What have you all been up to?

I’ve missed you:)


  1. I don’t think your outfits are boring at all. I think they’re simple, yet you look like you gave it thought and you look pulled together. Sometimes I think those are the best ones!

    1. Yea, I have to agree. I tend to always go towards simple. Sometimes I even add on accessories thinking of my blog, then end up taking off one or two because I just like simplicity. Thanks for commenting, C πŸ™‚

    1. Oh gosh! It’s just like.. hmm, we are adults now.. if it were to get that bad I understand someone saying something, but if every once in a while a little cleavage peeps out when I bend over to pick up my pen, I don’t want someone going crazy on me.. Ah.. oh well.

  2. Your outfits aren’t “boring”! They’re classy and perfect! Especially love the purple jacket!

    Methinks that someone who goes on and ON about cleavage has been, ahem, overly stimulated, by someone (NOT yourself …) … “et tu Caeser?” and all of that …

  3. Hey! Glad to hear you’re alive and well, and that your brother came out of the wreck safe and sound. Accidents like that are always so scary. They’re a good reminder to appreciate those we love while we have them. =)

    I completely understand what you mean about the “too expensive” items. Like you, I’m working towards becoming a teacher, and I’ve more or less accepted that I’ll never be able to afford some of the clothes that I swoon over. In that sense, it’s actually a God send that some stores I love don’t sell clothes in my size (Anthropologie, anyone?). Nordstrom is another dangerous place for me. I’ve been sating my thirst for Nordstrom-y goodness by frequenting Nordstrom Rack, though, which my bank account certainly appreciates. =)


  4. I didn’t know about that program on TLC and I feel like I’m watching that chanel all the time. Better chech it out. πŸ™‚

    Hmm… I have never been told what to wear or not to wear, to school or to work. When I read about how skirts gets measud… Not that we donΒ΄t have a dress code here. But there’s no one who actually gives you advice on how to live up to that. Good or bad, I don’t know. I just reacted to how different it can be.

    1. You’ll have to let me know if you like the show, Izabelle! For me, it’s soooo lovely seeing someone like me on television, and seeing women experiencing similar things to me. I loved it!

  5. I know what you mean about expensive clothes! I have been swooning over some cocktail dresses from City Chic. Not only are they too expensive for me, but I also don’t have any events that I could feasibly excuse myself were I to splurge (which I can’t splurge anyway, but seriously, they’re SUPER fancy). Also, Nordstrom has some beautiful new clothes in and I want!

    I think your outfits look well put together! I especially love that flowered sweater!

    1. Also, I’m disappointed I can’t watch the Big Sexy (no cable, so I have to wait to pick it up on Netflix or something). Do you think it handles fat issues well? I’m just excited they seem to have picked up various shapes of chubby women!

    2. Yea, Erin, I think that the worst part is I have no where to wear these fancy clothes. I like to pretend I have a rich social life, but the truth is less than spectacular :). I wish they’d put the episodes online–that is disappointing. I think it tries to give a positive message, while still showing the realities that fat women face.. that they aren’t always confident or given respect. I think it handles it pretty well. You’ll have to let me know if you like it once you see it!

  6. Hey Rebecca…I just HAD to weigh in on the cleavage issue…This is something that makes me livid! Seriously, I can’t wear anything that doesn’t look provocative. I’ve got big boobs. They’re there whether I cover them up or not. Traditional “modest” clothing usually makes me look like a frump…or doesn’t fit correctly. LOL. So, I think we large-chested women definitely get unfairly targeted in the workplace. πŸ™ I wear tanks or slips under just about everything, and I still look va-va-voomy. lol. But, I’ve come to terms with it, and I just walk a line between what I think is modest but still makes me look good. πŸ™‚

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