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As I’ve been adding pieces to my fall wardrobe, I’ve noticed that I’ve definitely been leaning towards more simple, no-fuss pieces. I think it’s partly…


As I’ve been adding pieces to my fall wardrobe, I’ve noticed that I’ve definitely been leaning towards more simple, no-fuss pieces. I think it’s partly due to the fact that one day it’s warm and the next it’s cold, but also because I just haven’t been loving the items coming out for fall, so I’ve been sticking to cheaper Old Navy clothes.

Even though my outfits seem “simpler” to me, simplicity can still make you feel great and fashionable, especially when you bring in beautiful fall colors. One of my favorite fall/winter colors is plum. It’s a deep, rich color, and picks up the brown and golden tones of my hair, so I wore it out to meet my sister for lunch on Friday.

I picked up this cowl-neck sweater in Old Navy’s plus size section, and I can easily see myself working this in to various types of outfits (I’m thinking outfits with knit vests and cognac riding boots). Since it was still a little warm, I kept the sleeves up and added a bangle.

I’ve owned this Avenue bangle for forever-and-a-half, and I never wear it because the print reminds me of Pac-Man, but it was the perfect size for what I was wanting, and I liked how it looked.. until I saw that it hand stained my wrist greenish-blue. No good. This one will probably end up in the no-wear pile again, unless any of you have a good tip of something I can put on the bangle to prevent staining.

I also added some basic earrings to give a little shine to the outfit.

(Sweater, Jeans, Shoes, Bangle (Avenue), Earrings (Forever21)

What fall colors or prints are you excited to wear in the upcoming months?

Which stores have the best fall lines? I need to find some good things 🙂


  1. Love that colour- it looks great on you!
    As for the bangle- I’ve heard that coating the inside with a few layers of clear nail polish can help. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! This plum color looks beautiful on you! The whole outfit looks lovely; very sophisticated.

    I actually love that bangle, too. I second Bek’s suggestion. My skin always turns an awful greenish/blue when I wear copper or bronze, and I’ve found that a few coats of clear nail polish prevent that sorts of discoloration.


  3. I LOVE cowl necks! I agree with Bek…I came here to put that same info in the comment, in fact. I know people use it to coat earring backs when they have allergies. Hope it works–that bracelet is too cute to get left in the “no wear” pile 🙂

  4. I am on Old Navy’s website now and I am going to get that sweater too. lol I loooooooooove that shade and have been trying for the longest time to find that color in a sweater. 🙂 Love the outfit too!! Also, I’m going to agree with the other posts and say clear nail polish works wonders on jewelry that does that. Not just any cheap clear polish though….I have a bottle of OPI clear polish I use and that seems to stay on longer. I have one piece I wear probably about twice a week and I usually touch the polish up on it once every 5-6 weeks. That bangle is too cute not to wear….hope the tip helps! 🙂

  5. I really like the underbust band of your jumper. As well as the beautiful colour.

    It’s spring here and I am looking forward to wearing some dresses, skirts and sandals again. Time to defrost!

  6. I agree with everyone above, beautiful coulor. I love plum also, and anything purple really. Usually I don’t look very good in the autumn pallet. I tend to use emerald green, dark turquoise, cirese and red in the fall. However, I just bought a beautiful winered dress that hits me a a bit underneath the knee. The fall of the dress i so beautiful but simple. And with a belt in the waist it makes me look really thin. Always good isn’t it? 🙂

    1. Thanks Izabelle! Ohh, emerald green is so pretty and definitely a color I need to actively add to my wardrobe. Wish I could see your dress! I’ve been looking for a great red dress or top for forever!

  7. I love everything about that sweater! Might have to look into one for myself…

    Purple is probably my favorite color to wear in the fall.

    Actually, I love everything about this outfit– those jeans are really sleek looking, too.

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