Recent Buys: Fall Edition

Shopping for my fall wardrobe has been pretty frustrating. Almost every order of clothing I received, I had to send back due to quality or…


Shopping for my fall wardrobe has been pretty frustrating. Almost every order of clothing I received, I had to send back due to quality or fit issues. Adding in my need to wear very conservative clothing when I work at my university’s writing center, my fall wardrobe has been anything but exciting. I decided to turn my attention towards accessories, so I could make my plain outfits much more interesting.

Here’s what I’ve been buying this fall:

1. Torrid’s Lucky Ankle Bootie in Black and Dark Taupe

I originally ordered the booties in black, but after trying them on and realizing how comfortable they were, I knew I needed the dark taupe color version as well. I scored both of these with my HauteCash, so they were half price!

2. Target Leather Bracelet with Gold Links

I actually got this in a dark blue leather, but Target is failing me by not having the image on their site. I really love that this bracelet adds a bit of edge to any outfit with the metal and leather, and it’s adjustable for different wrist widths. It’s not available online, but when I was in the store yesterday, my Target had plenty of these in different colors.

3. One A Crochet Knit Poncho with Cowl

I’m not sure if I’m a poncho person, but this one caught my eye with its pattern and removable cowl. I am already imagining a full outfit around this piece for my sister’s annual bonfire in a few weeks. It’s no longer available online, but the full-black version is.

4. Stephan & Co. Bead Drop Necklace

Nordstrom’s junior (BP) section has really interesting jewelry for low prices, and I had worn the blue version of this about a week ago. I loved the length and style of it so much, that I had to pick up the ivory version. This necklace instantly adds a little glam to any outfit.

5. Carole Oval Drop Earrings

I really don’t have the words to tell you how much I love these earrings. They fulfill my every need for big earrings, and they only cost $8. These earrings are from Nordstrom’s junior section as well and also come in gold.

6. Old Navy Flats

I wear flats year round, so every season I have to replace a few pairs that I’ve worn to death. I saw these flat in-store, and immediately fell in love with the red and tan combo. I’m not usually a bow type of person, but I think these ones are cute since the bow isn’t overwhelming. Old Navy hasn’t put these on-line yet, but I’m guessing they will soon!

7. eShakti Migratory Birds Chiffon Print Dress 

(sorry the pic is soooo small!)

I had been eying this dress since it came out, and lucky for me I must have ordered it right before it went out of stock. It’s no longer available, but it could reappear since it was so popular. I haven’t received this one yet, but I put in my measurements for customized sizing, so I hope it works out really well.

8. Aldo MCCABE Bag

Besides a pair of flats I bought a few years ago, I have not owned anything else that has animal print on it. Seeing so many people rock animal print has made me gain some courage to try it myself.. Of course I’m taking the easy route by just having it on my new purse. Baby steps, right?! 🙂

What have you been adding to your wardrobe for the fall season? What’s your favorite fall accessory?


  1. Hooray for the Migratory Birds dress! I got mine, but still haven’t worn it yet. I can’t wait to see how you style it. =) I really need to raid Nordstrom’s BP jewelry. I got a few cute pieces years ago that I loved, but I always forget to visit that section when I’m in Nordstrom. Love the new stuff, and can’t wait to see it in future OOTDs.


  2. Love, love, LOVE the high heel shoes! High heels is my favourite accesory, as well as a kick as lipstick.

  3. I love looking at all these things but my job is a jeans and tee shirt kind of job. I could dress up but just why? I haven’t bought anything for fall…just using the stuff I’ve had for years. I could definitely do with a wardrobe makeover.

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