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A week or so ago Shop Translated (size 10-30US) contacted me about reviewing an item from their store. I have to admit, I was pretty…


A week or so ago Shop Translated (size 10-30US) contacted me about reviewing an item from their store. I have to admit, I was pretty excited. I knew that Shop Translated was headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, and it’s not that often that a fashion retailer, let alone a plus-size fashion retailer, is located in my home state. So I might be a little biased in my North Carolina pride, but I was seriously happy to try and support a local business, so of course I said yes!

When I get the rare opportunity to try a new-to-me brand, I always want to pick something that I normally wouldn’t choose. I like to use the opportunity to branch out of my typical style and explore new areas of fashion. This time I decided to pick an item that was in a fabric I typically shy away from and something very colorful. I wasn’t disappointed in branching out at all.

Shop Translated sent me the INES Deco Print Wrap Dress, and I immediately took it ou of the bag and wore it (hence the wrinkling–oops!).

PROS about the dress: The high-sheen fabric was not restricting at all, which is something I had expected to experience. This is honestly the first dress in my closet in a fabric like this, and it has made me revise my shopping tactic of immediately discounting items made in this kind of fabric. The sleeves belled out a litte towards the elbow, so I had the ability to move all around. The dress also fit me perfectly, which is something rarely happens since I am 1 size smaller on top than the bottom. The v-neck was flirty, but not provocative, and the hemline came right to the bottoms of my knees (contrary to the camera perspective’s showing of the length). The faux wrap was long enough for me to wrap around my high waist twice, so the bow didn’t have to be big and floppy, and in this case I used a belt over the bow anyways.

CONS: The dress is very vividly colored, which could be a PRO, but it had me wondering how appropriate it would be in certain settings. Too loud for a wedding maybe, but this comes down to my personal style more than the fault of the dress. Also, without a bet it could read a little bit like a silky robe. That probably has to do with the neckline and sleeve shape, but I think the belt does a good job of making it not robe-like.

I was definitely pleased with the dress, and ecstatic with how well the dress fit. I feel like this opportunity showed me I could be proud of Shop Translated not just because of their NC home location, but because they made quality clothing.

When talking with Shop Translated about their business, they expressed that they were really proud of designing and producing their own pieces, so I asked for a little more information and this is what they said:

“Our original collections are created by the design team and business partners Cortney Burk and Jacqueline Floro.  As a former plus size model, Cortney has firsthand knowledge of the importance in designing figure flattering styles that accentuate a body with curves.  Jacqueline, who comes from a fashion background, is inspired by her worldwide travels and multicultural background.  Jacqueline lives in China with her husband and 2 kids, which is where she oversees our production.”

Have any of you purchased items from Shop Translated? How do you feel about the dress?

P.S. Shop Translated is going to ring in my 1-year blog-iversary with me later in October, so keep an eye out on this space for 2 of you to win a piece by Shop Translated! Official giveaway will be posted closer to the anniversary date, October 27th.

*Shop Translated gifted me the dress in this review. The review is my true and honest opinion.


  1. It looks great on you!

    I always worry about those kinds of fabrics as well, I will have to see what they have, I’m excited to try them.

  2. You write an excellent, comprehensive, informative, review! Do more! Maybe you can pick up a newspaper column on plus-sized fashion where you live like Leslie, of TheStyle Supreme on YouTube, FB, et al, does 🙂

  3. I love, love, LOVE this dress and I want one myself!
    I really like the fabric ahd the colour and I am used to wear this shape’s dresses.
    Honestly I did not known the brand but I am going to have a look at their website as this piece is amazing!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing it my dear 🙂

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  4. I never try on cloths in that kind of fabric, muss less buying them. But maybe I should give it a chance. 🙂 However I think the shape of the dress is really beautiful and flattering.

  5. Love it! Do you know their price ranges?? I know you were gifted the dress but how much does it cost and do they ship to the UK?

  6. You look gorgeous in this dress. Waaaaaay better than the model on the site. I totally dismissed it and now I’m like, I want it.

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