OOTD: Been Lookin’ for What’s Comin’ Now & GIVEAWAY!

I can hardly believe it, but my 1-year blog-iversary is coming up on October 27th! It’s having me reflect a lot on what has happened…


I can hardly believe it, but my 1-year blog-iversary is coming up on October 27th! It’s having me reflect a lot on what has happened over the last year.. how I’ve changed and what’s stayed the same. It’s also making me look towards the future. I had such a set idea of what I was going to be doing after I graduated, but blogging has opened my eyes to so many different career choices that I could potentially go after. It’s an exciting time, y’all! But I’ll save that gushy post for my actual anniversary post, and get to some exciting stuff in this one.

A week ago I found out that I had won a Shop Translated giveaway from Pasazz! Let me be clear here.. I entered the giveaway BEFORE Shop Translated contacted me about reviewing, so I wasn’t being greedy ;). The winner was selected randomly by Pasazz, not Shop Translated. It just happened to be a coincidence that I won around the same time I got in touch with Shop Translated. (Had to make sure my ethics were clear!). I was able to select another great piece, and I went out on a limb again and chose “Oh? This ‘Ol Thing?

I didn’t know what to expect. The dress looked like it had a printed pattern, and I wasn’t sure it was exactly for me, but I was so happy when I saw the dress in person

In all of my weird posing glory.. I originally had a circular sack bag, but it was getting too difficult to take pics by myself with it, so I had to toss it to the side. Love it! And it was only $12 in the Nordstrom Junior’s section!



Blurry, but wanted you to see how it fits from the side!


The textured overlay is really beautifully made, and it has inter-weaved strands sparkly silver to capture the eye.

Shop Translated again surprised me with how much I ended up loving the dress. I think their designs are a little more “loud” than I typically look for, but I’ve been nothing but pleased and excited by the things I’ve gotten. I guess this is ANOTHER lesson to step out of my typical choices.

So now to the REALLY, REALLY exciting parts! SHOP TRANSLATED is celebrating my 1-year blog-iversary by sponsoring a giveaway! TWO readers will each win a piece from Shop Translated! I will announce the winners on the anniversary of my blog, which is October 27th. Open INTERNATIONALLY!

To enter you MUST do the following:

1.Visit ShopTranslated.com and leave a comment telling me which item you’d pick if you won.

You may ADDITIONALLY enter by doing the following:

2. Follow me on twitter @theplussideofme AND follow Shop Translated on either Twitter or Facebook, and tweet/post “I’ve entered to win the @shoptranslated giveaway from @theplussideofme Have you? http://theplussideofme.com/2011/10/08/8/” Leave a SEPARATE comment with where you are following and by what name.

3. Tell me what your favorite post has been over the last year–Long time readers, I’m looking for you here :).

I REALLY hope that actual readers of the blog will enter. My usual commenters tend to disappear for giveaways, and I hope you will take use of this one. Just FYI: Shop Translated goes from sizes 10-30 (sometimes 32)

Good luck to everyone! Giveaway closes on 11:59 PM October 26th, and winners will be announced on the 27th!

*Shop Translated is giving the winnings free of charge. If an international reader wins, the item will be shipped to me first, and then I will pay for the shipping costs for international delivery. Any questions, please e-mail theplussideofme@gmail.com


  1. You look stunning in that dress – it looks like it has been made with your body shape in mind. Perfection.

    If I won, I’d have a hard time choosing between the Daytime Luxe Charle Marikina V-Neck Contrast Border Dress in Navy with Purple Border and the dress you have on (Oh, This Ol Thing).

    My fave posts of yours were the 100 day photo challenge posts (its nice to get to know the bloggers you read regularly, rather than always focusing on the fashion).

    Congratulations on your upcoming one year blogiversary – keep blogging and we’ll keep reading.

  2. Dress is so pretty. I loved the In the Spotlight shirt. I read regularly…just don’t comment…though I do occasionally “chat” with you on Twitter! 🙂

  3. Wow, that dress look beautiful on you!!

    If I won, I would pick the Fast Lane top. I have been obsessing over this top for a while now..and my inner cheapie won’t let me buy it =(

    I only found your darling blog about a month ago. The first post I saw, Crossing Boundaries, if what made me instantly bookmark. Not only was I obsessed with the cute little dress, but I loved how confident and beautiful you looked in it!


  4. i am SO in love with that dress on you!! ughhh, gorgeous!

    if i won *fingers crossed* i’d want either the bella espanola dress or the lolita top.

    i follow both you and shop translated on twitter, my name is @miminotmiryam.

    i’ve been reading your blog for probably around 6 months, not only because i can relate to some of your feelings and the experiences you write about, but also for your style. my favorite post would probably be OOTD: A Short Tale (posted on May 28, 2011).

    Congrats on your 1 year blog-a-versary!!

  5. Hi! Love your blog! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary 🙂

    I love the Riviera style Kimono top from Shop Translated. I hadn’t heard of this store, thanks for blogging about it! Also, my favorite post has to be when you went out of your comfort zone and tried new styles. I find myself wearing the same styles also so you inspired to try something new as well! Thanks:)

  6. The dress looks beautiful on you!

    If I won, I would pick the dress “Weekday Ceremony”. The Dress and I: Love at first sight 🙂

  7. Oh exciting! Congrats on the upcoming blog birthday!

    If I was to win, I would choose the above dress ‘Oh? This ol’ thing’. You sell it! I’ve been trying to expand my fashion tastes and think outside the box of things I would normally pick. That dress is the perfect in between, because I love the style, but the colours aren’t something I would normally pick. I’m not an ‘earth’ tones kind of person, however, the blue and aqua in the pattern make me just fall in love with it!

  8. Love this dress! Ah … I would consider entering, but I’m kind of in a turmoil right now – literally, getting ready to move – looking forward to your bloganniversary share!

  9. Love that dress!! If I won I’d have the INES Meridian print dress 🙂 or possibly even the dress in your ootd! I love both so can I win both prizes?! Lol

  10. I am clearly struggling with the instructions! (oh dear!) but I have just Posted the twitter comment for another entry 🙂 my UN is @Clairegoodi xx

  11. Charle Makina V-Neck contrasting Border Dress- in Navy with Purple border

    I would love love love this dress!!!!

    Thank you for all your inspiration 🙂

  12. WOW, you look great in that dress!!! If I win, I would choose the dress you are wearing. You wear it well.

  13. If I had to choose I would pick the INES MERIDIAN PRINT DRESS.
    The colors are this so beautiful so wintery and fall.
    I love it.
    I hope i win!
    I follow you on twitter and i will follow @shoptranslated

  14. I am totally in love with the Bella Espanola dress. It’s a bit dressed up for me since I am a bit shy but since I rarely dress up in clothes that draws attention I would like to step out of my comfort zone and wear this dress with pride. Why shouldn’t I, as a fat girl, be able to wear clothes that draws attention to me. I’ve always tried to dress down so that people dont notice me and my fat body, but why should I?

    too many?

  16. I love the Indochine dress! If I won, I think I’d go with that, but I might have to spend some more time shopping to decide! I also love the Bohemian Flora Dress. The one you picked looks great!

  17. You look AMAZING in that dress, so much so that I want that one if I win! I checked out their website, and they have cool things, but that dress…I need it! 🙂

  18. Also…I have alot of posts of yours that I really admire. You are beautiful, smart, and funny, and I love seeing the looks you pull together.

    I think my favorite though was one of your more recent ones – the one where you got hit on! Being plus size, I only really get hit on late at night at the bars when guys think I might be “easy” because nobody else would take me home. It’s degrading. For someone to think that you’re beautful and flirt with you – what a great feeling!

  19. First of all, Rebecca you look amazing in this dress! I love the colors and the design, and it suits your figure very well! 😀

    If I won this amazing giveaway, I would love to have the gorgeous INES Meridian Print dress!!

    My favorite post from you, would have to be your post about your sister’s graduation, and you wore that beautiful purple/lilac Suzie Chin dress! You looked phenomenal in that dress, and you really shined in that post for me. 🙂

  20. If I would win this giveaway I would love to have the stunning Haiku dress.

    My favorite post from you is OOTD: A Short Tale. I was so glad to read that I’m not the only one with insecurities that gets the best of me (sometimes).

  21. Thought I’d leave a bit of a gap in between my 2nd and 3rd entry in the hope it wud give me a better chance haha!

    My favourite posts of yours was the one when u did 100 photos, I can’t remember what it was called but it was things like “a photo of you having fun” “a photo of your pet” etc. I liked it because it gave us more of an insight into your life rather than just your lovely outfits! X

  22. I love that dress on you. The colors look even more divine in your pictures!

    1. If I were to win, I would want this: http://shoptranslated.com/plus-size-womens-sleveless-black-crochet-dress-charle-marikina-sexy-clothing-shoptranslated.html

    Classic, sexy, perfection.

    2. I’m following you both on twitter, @shakethecobwebs

    3. My favorite post by you was by far on the Lane Bryant bathing suit. It was perfect on your body shape and it convinced me t take the plunge and by the suit. I’m so glad I did! It really boosted the awesome in my summer! 🙂

  23. Hi Rebecca! Congrats on the upcoming 1 year anniversary/blog birthday, and grats on being mentioned so prominently with Torrid’s post from this afternoon!

    Favorite blog moment? Probably when you discussed the wearing of black to hide under, when it is not really necessary…I looked in my closet and decided that I had too much black, and have since tried to work in more colors and patterns into my wardrobe. I think the post was from the springtime.

    Speaking of patterns, something in the Conjured Slate dress from Shoptranslated.com speaks to me…it is not usually a pattern that I would choose but I love the styling of the dress and I think the pattern would be nice on! I also like the This Old Thing dress that you model so gorgeously.

    Now following Shoptranslated.com on twitter and will be making my other posts shortly. 🙂
    Congrats again hun~

  24. OK and following Shoptranslated.com on Facebook under Traci Bednar Hopkins and on Twitter under CalgaryPensFan, and made all appropriate posts. 🙂

    Good luck to me! LOL

  25. Hi! I would love (among others!!) the Catalonia dress, pretty please!! I’m not a long time reader, but my fave so far was your ‘Pigs might fly’ post. Congrats on your blog anniversary, hope you have many more!

    xx Keena

  26. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! You’ve come such a long way, so you should definitely treat yourself to a “Hooray for me!” gift this month. =P

    I’d have to say my favorite post — and this was a tough choice — was your OOTD titled Crossing Boundaries. The dress looked amazing on you! A close second is actually your most recent OOTD with your Torrid booties. It’s such a wonderful outfit. =)

    Now for my ShopTranslated item of choice. Hands down, I would pick the Bella Espanola dress. The lace, the nude colored slip underneath — it’s absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you so much for offering this give away! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you, and us, your readers. Hooray for Rebecca!


  27. Congrats on the anniversary! I can’t tell you how happy I am that there are bloggers out there like you that give inspiration to gals like me. 🙂

    If I had my choice I would have to go with the Catalonia dress. It it just so gorgeous & clean looking (plus it has sleeves!).

  28. I’d love to win the Catalonia dress 🙂

    I’m following on Facebook, and my favourite post has been Crossing Boundaries – I LOVE that dress and those shoes!

  29. Not sure exactly what it was called, but I really enjoyed your blog posts that included pictures different things for each question. I think we learned a lot about you. 🙂

  30. Love this dress on you! The colors compliment your skin tone beautifully. Great shot of the fabric detail, too.

    If I were to win I’d pick the Bird Calling shirt. I am in love the the fabric of that shirt (the cut is awesome, too!) But I’m imagining really playing with the subtle jewel tones of the pattern, pairing it with a bright fucia or deep teal piece of jewelry or other statement piece.

    My fave post of yours is from Sept 20 “I’m Still Here” for a couple reasons – first, I’m loving your dark skinny jeans, and being a little unsure of pulling them off seeing this post gave me a little more confidence. I loved the accessories on that post, too. Also, you talked about your grad project, which intrigued me and made me want to hear more about it – and your discussion of cleavage and it being a topic of discussion in your workplace resonated with me, because I too was doing a lot of thinking at that time about how different body types interpret discussions of body image differently. Someone in my gender studies class around that time (I’m in grad school too) during an eating disorder discussion said, “Well no one wants to be fat.” and it seemed like no one batted an eye. But for me, someone who has struggled with body image my whole life and emerged at this point (mid 30’s) to a place of empowerment and acceptance it was like saying “no one wants to be you”. It hurt and was offensive. So reading your comment from that blogpost made me feel not so alone.

  31. Love that dress on you! The pattern and colors are really great. Especially the little hint of sparkle!

    I love, love, love the Haiku dress in pink. There isn’t anything like it in my wardrobe. Which is a feat on its own! 😉 I think the dress works well by itself… but I imagine it paired with a blazer, booties and a long necklace.

    How is it possible to choose just one favorite post? I really enjoy your posts when you are talking about something personal, usually overcoming a hurdle of some kind. You are honest and heartfelt. They are wonderful posts that a lot of people can relate to. Like the post when you went shopping before a class because you felt uncomfortable, but it was a stressful experience. (failing at finding the post title… but I know it is there!)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and congrats on one year of blogging! Here’s to another. 😉

  32. Don’t mind me, just casually trolling your blog all the way back through October… 🙂 Really love this dress on you, though, it looks amazing!

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