10 Favorite Things: Fall Break

Somehow half of my semester has already slipped by and fall break is already here. I haven’t been doing much, but I’ve finally had time…


Somehow half of my semester has already slipped by and fall break is already here. I haven’t been doing much, but I’ve finally had time to do some things that I’ve been wanting to do.

Here’s my 10 favorite things of fall break:

1. Starbuck’s Salted Caramel Mocha


I’m not a coffee person but this drink had me going to Starbuck’s twice over the past weekend. Yum!

2. Hours upon hours of ghost shows


I used to be one of those kids that couldn’t even get through an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? or Goosebumps without freaking myself out and having nightmares for weeks. I would never allow myself to watch scary movies, but somewhere along the way my sister got me addicted to ghost shows. The month of October is making it all too convenient for me to spend a day watching these shows. I know, #nerdforever.

3. Teen Vogue


Not sure why, but Teen Vogue has always been a magazine I love to read.. more so than adult mags like Glamour and InStyle. Plus they happened to feature some fave bloggers of mine in a previous month! This issue didn’t disappoint.

4. Lighting locally made pumpkin spice candles

Enough said.

5. Finding long-lost jewelry during an insomnia-induced cleaning spree

Hello, rings. I have missed you.

6. Mid-Season and “Holiday” Sales

Let’s just say this got pretty ugly. I see a shopping ban in my future.

7. Spending even MORE time with Lola

And documenting her weirdness.

8. Learning about and reading new-to-me blogs: One and Two

9. West Side Story AND You’ve Got Mail. SCORE!



10. And, of course, the absolute best thing about fall break is getting to de-stress.

Mental health days are needed! And I was able to get some homework finished without anxiety. Hooray!

I hope you all get a little break during the fall.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a holiday/school break?

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  1. I am on the eve of my last day of fall break and it really has been a mental health weekend. This following four day week will also be a bonus. I LOVE west side story, and ghost shows. my favorite is ghost adventures on the travel channel!

  2. Depends on the weather…Cold weather – White Chocolate Mocha or during holiday season peppermint white mocha…Nice spring day – Iced white chocolate mocha..Hot day – Frozen strawberry lemonade.

  3. Have just found your blog and love it already. I am also a salted caramel mocha fan, and your dog Lola looks JUST like my dog Daisy! I thought Daisy was the only one of her kind (whatever her kind is) on earth!

  4. I am 22 and still read seventeen magazine every single month! I am always checking at Walmart if the new on came out plus you normally can get freebies in the mag! No shame reading teen vogue its my second favorite.

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