For years I’ve let cankle-phobia dictate my outfit choices. No ankle booties… ever. Every jean was scrutinized in the way it made my ankles look with my shoes. Let’s just say there were a lot of trends that I missed out on because of my fear of ankles. But here’s the deal. This last year has been a life-lesson on realizing how many “rules” from my culture I impose on myself, so when I saw some booties I liked this year, I decided to go for them.

Even after I got my booties in the mail, I still tried to figure out a way to wear them without making my legs look short (which is just hilarious because I’m 5’4″. Appearing tall is NOT going to happen.) This whole self and body acceptance thing doesn’t magically happen over night. It takes a lot of rewiring and a lot of trial and error. I decided to just go for the trend today, stumpy legs, cankles, and all. It felt good wearing this outfit, even if it’s not the “best” looking on me.

(Jacket is much more olive green than shown in the picture. I’m a bit disappointed with the photos.)

Kind of obsessed with a low-slung back. Makes me want to return to ballet classes!

Jacket: Yours Clothing (last year)

Black Top: Old Navy

Pencil Skirt: Kiyonna (last year)

Booties: Torrid

Ring: Forever21

Realizing that I have choices in how I feel, dress, and identify myself has been the greatest gift I’ve gotten from the body-acceptance community over the past year. And I think my cankles appreciate their moment in the sun. They’ve been hidden away for far too long!

Are there any trends/clothing items you’re trying out for the first time this year? What made you decide to go for it?