This past month has been a roller coaster, and my closet has definitely taken the brunt of my chaos. I can’t find items I know I own, and I seem to keep wearing the same colors or same outfits over and over again because they’re “easy”. If you’ve noticed in my last couple posts, black, gray, and white have been my staples, and red shoes are permanently on my feet. This outfit is no exception.

My family celebrated my sister’s birthday at a sort of nice but sort of casual restaurant, which are always fun to dress for since you never know which way to go. Luckily for me, I know that my family will always take the casual route, so I was allowed to continue my lazy way of dressing with my color staples. I slipped on this comfortable and cute cardigan I picked up at Evan’s, and went for my trusty City Chic jeans, Target heels, and black top for underneath. I got a free clutch from Suzi Chin for being one of the first visitors to her new site, so I ended up using that even though it doesn’t quite fit, and I stole jewelry from my mom’s dresser. (Okay, I really asked, but I like to pretend I’m not a complete “goody two shoes”). Funny enough, the pictures kind of capture my chaos well. My cardigan is uneven, and my deep jade nail polish looks really odd next to grey and black. Oh well, this is me. It wouldn’t be normal to not have these kind of photos pop up :).


Here’s hoping I get my life.. and my closet.. back in order soon, huh?

What’s your go-to item when you’re in a rush/disorganized? Any tips on tackling my closet?