Making It Big: 12 Days of Promotions

I don’t usually post about sales and such that companies send me because I don’t want this blog to become an advertising bulletin board, but…


I don’t usually post about sales and such that companies send me because I don’t want this blog to become an advertising bulletin board, but yesterday I got an e-mail from a company called Making it Big or MiB that I thought was worth sharing because they cater to a group of sizes typically neglected even in plus-size lines. Often I am sized out of plus-size lines (ASOS, I’m looking at you), and it is an awful feeling to not only be neglected in various straight-size companies, but also companies that have plus-size lines. Making it Big carries sizes 2X-8X, or US 22-48, so it is a very much needed resource for ladies on the upper side of plus-sizes.

They sent me an e-mail about their holiday promotions, which is a 12-day sale event where they send you a different promotion each day. From today until December 12th, they will be having one-day events, and if you enter your e-mail you are put into a drawing for a $300 gift certificate! You can check out all about the sale here:

I looked around their site yesterday, and they seem to have items that are geared towards different styles. Honestly, I was shocked by the amount of styles to choose from, since up until now the only items I saw in those sizes all looked the same.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Nina Dress

 The Cross-Back Dress

The Short Classic Wool Coat

The Jasper Sweater 

The Ruffle Trench Coat


I don’t know about you, but I was pretty excited to find out about this company, especially since these sizes are not often offered. I can remember a moment when I found Evans and Simply Be, both stores that had my size and above, and breathing a sigh of relief and excitement. Knowing that there are more options out there for your size can just be such a great thing for a woman, so I hope this company and post find some women out there looking for the “upper sizes” of plus-size fashion.

Oh, and I’m loving the diversity of models’ bodies in their pictures. Many of the items are photographed with women of different sizes, so the costumer can know how it looks on a person at one side of the size scale and the other!

Note: I was not compensated for sharing this company with you. I wrote this post because I recognize a gap in the plus-size market and wanted to share a resource with readers.


  1. I LOVE the ruffle coat – just wish it came in a bright color. As is, I’m still tempted. I have a cream wool coat but this is khaki and a lighter fabric, which is better for California.


  2. MIB deserves some serious recognition! They’ve realized that there’s a serious gap in the plus size clothing market, and they’re doing something to address that problem, which I think is truly commendable. Even more laudable is that they’re not offering shapeless mumus and assorted other colorless garments. Their clothes are seriously, seriously cute! Hooray for MIB!!!!

  3. I love that first dress, and the ruffle trench coat!

    I noticed the variation in the size of the models, but I noticed some variation in age, too, which is something I don’t think about too much right now, but will probably be on my mind in the future!

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