OOTD: Matchy-Matchy

So exam week has been as crazy as ever. I lost my university card, so I can’t print anything on campus. Yesterday my car’s battery…


So exam week has been as crazy as ever. I lost my university card, so I can’t print anything on campus. Yesterday my car’s battery died when I was on the way to my tutoring job, and then later that night the battery died again :-X! Ended up spending some quality time with the AAA team, and I lost a bunch of time for working on my essays. Thatย made me turn a bitย crazy, so I stayed up all hours of the night to complete one of my essays. You’d think going in to my 6th (!!!) year of college I’d be a bit more prepared to handle the demands of exam week, but nope.

Even though life has been hectic, I still like to be pulled together when I go tutor, so I reached for some of my Black Friday buys to pull me through the day. I know some people aren’t fond of matchy-matchy outfits, but I can appreciate their ease, and I’m totally okay with being all kinds of red in this outfit.


Shop: Jacket, Avenue; Turtle Neck, Old Navy; Jeans, Evans; Bag, Olivia and Joy via Ideeli; Shoes, Target

I’ve already noticed that I’m right back in my summer coral-mode, except this time everything I’m buying is red. Hope you are all ready to see the festive color all season long!

What’s your favorite Winter season color? Are you a matchy-matchy type person or do you like to mix colors?


  1. love that jacket. Avenue gas been doing some great things this season, the whole place is skewing a lot younger

  2. Love the outfit, love red, love matchy matchy. I’m a big fan of black and an obscenely bright colour ๐Ÿ™‚ specially if I can get shoes in a bright colour. I just love colour and I really do not care what is in fashion but I do care what looks stylish.

  3. I think this looks great! I love black with red, I think it’s really a classy look!

    I am trying to branch out and not be so matchy-matchy… A lot of times I just normally go for stuff the “matches”, but since starting the blog, I’ve been trying to have a more “interesting” look. (I guess that’s what you would call it? heh. Or maybe eyebrow raising?)

    – Justine

    1. lol, yeah blogging definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone. I know I’m tame compared to other bloggers, but if people knew how casual my town was then they’d realize I actually do branch out hahah.

  4. I love matchy matchy but I tend to go for complimentary/secondary/tertiary color matching because I’m a super color (art school) nerd.

    My favorite winter color? Hard to choose. I go for more brights in the winter, period because everybody else is wearing black. I do love red but I’ve also been drawn to cobalt, teal, magenta and mustard… like pretty much every other time of year?

    Great choice in the jacket – it looks cute on you and I think already said I loved the purse. I want one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I like to mix colors, but matchy-matchy is great for those frazzled days when it’s harder to plan ahead or things just aren’t going your way. I fell back on a neutral/gray outfit today because I was too sleepy to function this morning.

    LOVE your red. And that necklace is killa!

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