Hellllllloooo! I turned in my two biggest projects in the past two days, so I’m much more relaxed and happy now. How do I celebrate getting my life back? By wearing RED pants! See, I wasn’t lying about you guys having to endure red all season. I can’t remember wearing any type of pants other than khakis, black and gray dress pants, and jeans after the age of ten, so stepping out in red pants wasn’t as simple as it seems. Having lived a majority of my life trying to “camouflage” my bum area, I never wore anything that drew attention to it, so it was actually a really great feeling to go out today and feel as confident as I did.

I paired my red pants with a gray metallic-threaded DKNY Jeans top, my new Avenue leather inset jacket, and my chain necklace that I love to pieces.

Shop: Jeans, Evans; Sweater, DKNY Jeans; Jacket, Avenue; Necklace, Sequin at Nordstrom’s; Heels, Target

I really love the deep red color of the jeans, and I only have one complaint about them over all. They stretch out… a lot. If Evans ever gets them back in stock, I’d size down one size. I still liked them enough to buy the green pair in the same size (the size below was sold out). I’m excited to try them in different looks.. maybe rolled up at the bottom a bit. But anyways, this outfit perfectly went with the chilly day we had here, and overall I’m pretty happy with the attention they are bringing to my bum, hahah :).

Do you like to wear colored jeans? If so, what’s your favorite style/brand? If you’re not a jeans person, what kind of bottoms make you super happy?