OOTD: We Are Young

Hello again 🙂 I (and you) probably can’t believe it that I’m actually posting more than once a week! It feels good, and I’ve missed…


Hello again 🙂 I (and you) probably can’t believe it that I’m actually posting more than once a week! It feels good, and I’ve missed blogging. You also might be wondering if I was really serious about my winter wardrobe being all red… I was. I have yet another red item to show you all, and this one is from The Limited’s new plus size range Eloquii. Eloquii carries sizes 14-24, but really only 3 sizes since they are divided as 14/16, 18/20, 22/24. Obviously I need to advocate that they extend sizes. Most plus-size only lines (Torrid, LB) go at least to a 28, so hopefully as Eloquii gains success and learns about the market, they will make a move to include those sizes and beyond.

I picked up their red blazer and a gunmetal braided necklace during their opening sale, and I am very impressed with the quality of the items. I do wish that I could have ordered the blazer in one size larger, so really consider extending sizes, Eloquii!

I wore this out to get sushi with some of my family. The blazer + necklace + purse instantly make an otherwise boring outfit kind of glam. I love simple pieces that do that! (I also forgot to take pictures until we got home (when it was really dark), so you get to see the not so glamorous bottom of my stairway. I’m sure you’re thrilled ;))

Shop: Top, Old Navy; Blazer, Eloquii; Jeans, Evans; Heels, Target; Necklace, Eloquii; Purse, Aldo

Overall I was pretty please with this outfit. I can envision a lot of ways to incorporate this blazer into my wardrobe, so I’m sure you’ll see it pop up here again :).

What kinds of items do you add to an outfit to make it glam? Do you have one special/favorite item that always gets pulled out?

By the way, the title of this post only has to do with the fact that Glee’s version of FUN’s “We Are Young” has been in my head since Tuesday. Kind of mildly obsessed with it.


  1. lovely outfit, absolutely love the blazer! I’ve also had this song in my head all week too… got all of my housemates hooked as well!

  2. I really like this look on you. Sort of got that Kate Middleton, casual Classic going on. Back when I owned blazers I loved wearing them with jeans – sort of dress me up/dress me down. And I wore them alot both with t-shirts or turtlenecks (back before my hormones made me hot ALL the time). Great look for you. And I agree with a previous post, you wear your pants well. I have a hard time finding slacks that look good on me or that I’m comfortable in.

  3. Just looking back at previous posts and found this one. You look fantastic in this outfit. I love the straight legged pants on you because it lengthens your frame into a long line. The colors are great on you and I see you are sporting that blazer everyone wants to rip off of you. The accessories are wonderful. I love the necklace and purse. They dress up the jeans and you can’t go bad with black, the fat girl’s staple.

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