I had to tell you all about something exciting that has come my way :). In September I saw a call for papers for a Fat Studies conference, which ended up being part of a much larger national conference for the American Culture Association and the Popular Culture Association. It felt like a long shot to submit a piece I wrote about the television series Huge and how fat bodies impacted representations of sexuality and gender, especially know that it was for a national conference and with my inexperience at submitting let alone presenting. But guess what?

I got accepted!!!!!!!!!

Now I get to go to Boston in April and give a presentation about my research, while also getting to mingle and listen to a lot of other research in fat studies amongst a lot of different topics there (Plus I’ll be in the same city as my fat-hero, Lesley Kinzel!). I’m REALLY excited (if you haven’t noticed). This is probably the biggest thing that has happened for me academia-wise, and it feels amazing to be recognized as adding to a research conversation and, even more important to me, a field that I care for and is so personal to me. My mom and I are already planning our Boston trip, so I know it will be an amazing experience for my personal development.

A big thank you to all of you for letting me have some space here to talk about fashion and my body, as well as constantly inspiring me to continue integrating these topics into my academic life.