In order to get myself in the Christmas spirit, I decided to go back through my family’s photoalbums to check out the Rebecca of Christmas past. I was really cute up until about 8 when I got in to my majorly awkward phase (I’m talking unbrushed hair and bad, bad 90’s clothing). Then there was a period when my family decided to not document anything, so I figured I would dig up what I could and share some of it with all of you, including my top 3 Christmas gifts of all time!

Christmas through the years

Warning: All of these pictures are bad quality because they were in old school scrap books, so they’re glossy and I took them from my iphone.

Worn out on my first Christmas

Hanging out with Ol’ Saint Nick

My older sis, K., and I with our most fun family tradition of decorating cookies. We’ve stopped doing it in recent years. Might be time for a revival!

A visit with Santa is not complete until chocolate is all over your face!

 My dad giving me a boost so I can hang my stocking.

My siblings and I passed out after some Christmas party. Hint: I’m the one with my bum in the air!

The cookies are back!

Growing up Catholic, Christmas Eve was always spent being an angel in our play at church.

Aren’t my bangs horrifying? hahah Although you can’t see it here, I’m wearing my Jasmine (from the Aladdin film) silk sleepdress, which was my absolute favorite Christmas pjs ever.

I think Barbie stuff took up 80% of my wishlists when I was a kid.

Now that we’ve gone far enough down the cute part of my memory lane, I thought I’d share the three best gifts I’ve ever received for Christmas.

3. Most of my gifts when I was younger were dolls, dolls, dolls. Barbies, dollhouses, Polly pockets, babydolls: I wanted them all! One of my favorite Christmas memories is on Christmas Eve. My grandma had started spending Christmas Eve and night with my family after my grandpa passed away, and after Christmas mass and dinner, we would come back to the house and open one gift from my grandma. Grandma’s gifts were always the best because she wasn’t too worried about spoiling us. I had wanted an American Girl doll since my sister received one the year before. I chose Molly because I had glasses at the time and made sure to put 5 stars next to her on my wishlist :).

Let’s just say I was SUPER excited!

2. My second favorite gift was definitely unexpected. My aunt made me some artwork to hang in my room, and I was in love with the amount of work and detail she put into it.

The woman on the bottom of the second collage is my grandma! I not only love the aesthetic of the mixed-media pieces, but also how much time and energy my aunt put into an item for me to love and enjoy for a long time.

1. Of course, the number one Christmas gift of all time is my Lola girl!

My parents gave me Lola a couple weeks before Christmas last year. She came into our family just in time. She spent one night at home before having to be put in the animal hospital for Parvo virus and a stomach parasite. Luckily, her health has taken a turn for the better, and she’s definitely the one of the best parts of my life. She’s my lovie :).

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me through traveling down memory lane :).

Whether it’s Christmas or a different holiday, do you a favorite memory around a gift you gave or received?