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One of the best things that has come about from me reading plus-size fashion blogs is finding a lot of new plus-size brands to shop…


One of the best things that has come about from me reading plus-size fashion blogs is finding a lot of new plus-size brands to shop from. A little over 2 years ago when I was still in undergrad, I only had about 4 stores that I could buy clothing from–very limited! Especially when it came to undergarments, I felt like I had no choices. One of these new-to-me brands is Simply Yours, which has a huge selection of plus size underwear ranging in sizes back sizes 28-56 and cup sizes A-L.

What I like about Simply Yours is that they carry a lot of different brands and styles, so many plus-size women with different tastes in clothing will be able to find something that they feel comfortable and stylish (aka sexy) in. During my snooping around of their site, I noticed that because they carried other brands, each brand had a sizing limit. What was helpful for me was looking at their brand page, which for many of the brands showed their size range, or you can use the size option on the left hand bar to narrow the choices. For me, there’s nothing worse than wasting my time on items that don’t come in my size, so having that ability to narrow my options that way is really, really helpful.

Even though I tend to be more of a basic person when it comes to undergarments, with a few prints here and there, I know that some of you may be more adventurous, so I looked for a few styles or brands that you might want to know about for the next time you buy undergarments or loungewear.

Undergarment: The Longline Bra

I’ve been seeing the longline bra show up on many fashion blogs under sheer tops or blazers. This style is definitely for the courageous at heart if worn out in public, but it is also a great style if you want an extra bit of support under a dress for a night out. I love the floral lace and the amount of detail put into the piece. Even the straps are cute!

Together Underwired Midi Bra in sizes 34B – 48DD 

Brand: Gok Wan

I’ve heard a lot of praise of Gok Wan from my blogger friends in the UK, and I have to admit that asthetically his line is the most pleasing to me. The line offers a lot of shapewear, but even if you’re not into that kind of garment, his other items have a simple elegance to them with clean lines in luxurious fabrics/prints. I like that a woman can buy pieces that are girly and sweet or she can buy pieces that are much more glam and sexy. The downside of Gok Wan? His sizing seems to be more limited than some of the other brands, ranging from 30B – 46C in the items I looked at.

Gok Wan Osaka Bra in sizes 30B – 46C

Loungewear: The Robe

If your lifestyle is anything like mine, then you’re probably looking for family-appropriate loungewear and the piece you can easily slip on to take your dog outside in the morning. The bitter cold air of winter has recently reminded me that a robe needs to be put on my shopping list, and a long robe at that! I like my robe to be fluffy and cozy, and it must be easy to get off or on. I like the plum color of the Pretty Secrets robe, and I really like that it comes in two lengths: 44in or 50in.

Pretty Secrets Fluffy Fleece Gown

Overall, I’m very excited by the selection at Simply Yours, and the prices, at times, were really good ($21 for a bra?! Sign me up!). With plus-size clothing always having such limits placed on it, it’s great to find out and research new-to-me brands so that I know next time I’m in the market to buy, I have more options to look to.

Do you wear or like Simply Yours garments? What’s your go-to undergarment store?

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