OOTD: The Problematic Poncho

Ponchos seem to be one of those clothing items that people either embrace or completely hate. I had never owned a poncho before, but decided…


Ponchos seem to be one of those clothing items that people either embrace or completely hate. I had never owned a poncho before, but decided to scoop up this One A knit poncho when it went on super clearance at Nordstrom. Luckily for me, it’s very lightweight, which is perfect for the kind-of winter weather for which North Carolina is famous. I wore this out to the vet for Lola’s first round of big girl vaccines and a check-up to successfully camoflauge the mounds of dog hair that she gets on me.

I wish that I had pulled the poncho down further, but me trying to be both photographer and model means the ponch traveled north.  I definitely liked the poncho better in person than in the picture. It has a removable circle scarf that I like a lot, and the pattern is eye-catching but still neutral.

Instead of my typical black suede wedges, I opted for these Old Navy snake skin pattern heels. I like these shoes, but they definitely need to be broken in so they are more comfortable.

 One A Knit Poncho at Nordstrom, City Chic jeans, Old Navy black tee, Old Navy snakeskin heels

I thought that me getting a poncho would take me either on the love it or hate it bandwagon, but instead I’m just kind of confused and ambivalent. Am I cold or am I warm? Is it outerwear or do I need a coat? Is it cute or not? Ahh, the problematic poncho.

What do you all think? Is the poncho a go or should we leave the poncho behind?

Edit: By the way, the vet said Lola had pretty teeth and is very healthy. Lola took the vaccines like a champ and was a sweet girl. I’m a proud mama :).


  1. I love the poncho! And, I’m seriously in love with the Old Navy snakeskin heels. I think I own about six or seven ponchos! I even own one my great-grandma knitted and wore in the 60s (we never met, but I do rock it). You look beautiful.

  2. I’m always wondering how to wear my poncho too! It is freezing where I live, so I tend to wear mine over a lightweight sweater and under my coat!

    Love your heels 🙂

  3. Personally, I don’t like wearing them because of similar problems. Especially the draft! I wore a few in high school – but more lacy, wear over a shirt kind of thing. These days, I just don’t like the added bulk and fabric because there are other garments that do a better job of keeping me warm, layering, etc.

    My mom loves ponchos and I tend to sigh at her… because they are usually sparkly AND furry. But in the end, you wear what you want!

  4. I think this poncho looks great on you! I think they have their place, but they can be limiting based on weather and the weight of the poncho itself. I say congratulations on finding one that is very flattering and good luck on clearing through your confusion about them. 🙂

  5. I love the poncho on you and the pattern. I would like something similar. I have a “Wrap” poncho but it is long and gets caught in the car door, etc. I would love something a little short like yours that won’t come off the shoulder. What I love about a poncho is 1) I can wear it while I drive and it doesn’t constrict me or make me out (I hardly ever wear a coat in the winter because I can’t stand it in the car and it is a pain to wear for the walk from the parking to the office). 2) I also love that it is not too heavy a material that I can wear it shopping or outside but I’m not sweating in the think – and again, I have freedom of movement. I think you look great!

  6. I find on me, I can’t work the poncho. In my head, I’m this stylish 70’s boho chic mama. Till I see myself in the mirror and it ain’t looking nothing as near as my thoughts. So for now the ponchos I own (two in total) are staying in my closet. Respect for you to take on a-not-very-simple garment.

  7. I personally like the very oversized ponchos, but run into the coat problem. I live in an area that is very mild, so dressing in layers is important (cold one second, warm the next). A poncho works well in late spring, early summer, and early fall, but other times I want to throw a coat on over it and that just doesn’t work very well.

    Take a look at Eileen Fisher’s new stuff… gorgeous.

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