Five Take: 1960s

It’s time for Five Take again with Nicole, Becky, Gina, and Claire! And I’m so happy it’s here because I’ve been severely lacking outfit inspiration…


It’s time for Five Take again with Nicole, Becky, Gina, and Claire! And I’m so happy it’s here because I’ve been severely lacking outfit inspiration since this first week of school had rain, rain, and more rain, and then some sunshine with icy-cold wind.When Becky chose 1960s as our Five Take theme, I was a little worried. As much as I love looking at others’ vintage-inspired outfits and styles, I tend to still be clueless about what styles were when and how to channel a set style in my clothing. As every good modern researcher should do, I went to tumblr (hahaha) to find out what was popular to wear in the latter 1960s. A few things stood out to me:

1) High Necklines, Short Hemlines

Legs, legs, legs, and more legs. Most of the images I found had bare legs, but considering it’s January, I noted the need for tights to make a short hemline workable.

2. Stripes and 2-3 Colors

Quite obviously, I found a lot of styles that featured stripes, and usually the color story stuck to 2-3 colors. In these two images, the looks concentrated stripes in certain areas of the outfit.

3. Skip the necklace, add the earrings.

Most of the looks were quite striking, but also very simply accessorized. The women of the 60’s definitely knew how to rock an earring, though, to pull together a look.

4. Bold eyeliner and pale, pink lips

The drama of your makeup definitely was left to the eyes. With heavy eyeliner and exaggerated lashes, the rest of 60’s makeup was much softer.

So how did I interpret these four things in my outfit? I’ll warn you.. it’s not a homerun!

I decided on this ASOS dress since it incorporated the high neckline, short hemline (short for me, anyway), stripes, and the black/white color scheme.  The stripes drape down on the hips, coming to a V on both sides. I think the dress looked better in person, but regardless it’s not a shape I’m used to wearing, and you’re not used to seeing me in it. I like that I have something out of the norm for me to put on when I feel like it. I had to really hold myself back from adding a necklace, and I could see this being changed up with different colored tights (maybe maroon?), but for now black will do.

I went with heavy liner on my upper eyelid and added a little bit of my pink MAC lipstick.  I also put on circular earrings that have shiny stones on them. In hindsight, they don’t go with the outfit, but I was going for the big, circular shape more than the style itself.

ASOS dress, MIB tights, Target wedges

I tried to pull off the different trends I saw, but I’m definitely misplaced in the 60’s. The 1960s style seems to be all about the girl-woman, super sexy with childlike and innocent cuts and makeup.  I’m not sure I pull off that duality well! Want to look at more 1960s fashion? All of the images of 60’s style came from this tumblr site.

What do you think of my take on 1960s? What trend do you like most about 60’s and how do you wear it in 2012?

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  1. While the tights are great, they seem out of place in the 60’s style. Now remember fishnet stockings? (were they 60’s or 70’s?) They would go great with the style. I saw one of the Mary Quant (?) block dresses that would look good on plus size women that would flatter but I guess you have to go with what you can find. I think the summer season would have more options for this decade. Remember the little flats in pastel colors and the pretty little summer dresses? And remember the madras print or preppy style? Women went bare legged then too. And then remember the go go boots? Now I don’t think we would find them hard to fit us. A line skirts are very flattering and remember the little short sleeve tees with a mock neck and wide belts? I do love the Jackie Kennedy suits and pill box hats. Classy always. You did a great job finding an outfit that matched some of the trends. You took it all the way to make up and jewelry. I love Mac lip gloss. I think they used pale lips, a blue and white eyeshadow, and the “cat eye” liner trick and teased their hair. Part it in the middle and in the back, brush it back and tease it so that part will be lifted and spray it like the dickens. They had bangs that kind of went to the side a little. They rolled their hair on huge rollers to give it body that was not too curly. I remember my cousin using orange juice cans to roll with. I can’t wait to see your other creations. Keep on styling!

    1. I’m back!!! I checked some of the 60’s styles and tights were all over it. They even matched the tights with the dress, one I saw was yellow and the model had on yellow tights and yellow shoes, lord what a sight! but it seemed to work back then.

  2. I actually love this look – so simple & classy. I agree that some colored tights might complete the ’60s look, and/or some solid-colored plastic jewelry, like a couple of bangles or round studs. Overall, though, I really like it!

  3. Well, your research didn’t lead you wrong. Your dress would have been a little shorter and more body-skimming in the 60’s and your shoes would have had more square toes and Cuban heels, and your hair would be more bouffant – but that’s the thing about wearing an outfit from another era – you want the inspiration from that era, but you still want it to look like an up-to-date outfit for today – so good job! I love the eyeliner.

  4. I love this! And I think i’m now in love with this dress. Funny thing is, on the site, I never even looked twice at it, but seeing it on you, I now want it! I need to stop reading your blog! You’re dangerous at showing me amazing things!

  5. I think you did a great job in your research. I tend to stay away from horizontal stripes if I can, but a color-block dress would probably work for me. I saw someone the other day (was it yo?), with a big buckle on the front of their heel or flat. That would be very 60s also. But the simple cut of the dress is great, and I love tights with a dress. This minimalist style seems to suit Blythe, although she’s trying to add a little more feminine/floral to her wardrobe. That might be a little early 70s (when your mom had a high-collared “granny” dress). The look is well done (And I dig some eyeliner!). Other options for the 60s include the Edwardian look (ruffle-ee sleeves/collars, vests), and a take on some 1920s looks due to the popularity of the film Bonnie & Clyde (dropped waists).

  6. Love all the research you did! And the images you chose.

    This outfit looks great on you, I think it fits within the 60s aesthetic but definitely modernized. So it’s a winner in my book! Candy colored tights would have brought it home (for me) but I’m color, color, color all the time.

    I didn’t look twice at this dress on ASOS but it looks fantastic on you! Damn you for showing me so many pretty things. 😉

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