OOTD: Pretending To Be a Rocker

Every once in awhile I like to leave the house and pretend that I’m much more edgier than I really am. What always cracks me…


Every once in awhile I like to leave the house and pretend that I’m much more edgier than I really am. What always cracks me up is that even my attempts to be edgy or “rocker” are so completely safe, but that’s okay because at the end of the day I’m a girl from a small town in North Carolina, and a simple, studded top is just enough to catch a little attention around here.

I have been a distant fan of tbags recently, and usually their clothing is well out of my price range. A couple weeks ago, though, Nordstrom had a sale, and I snagged this tbags studded top for much cheaper than it’s retailing now. I usually don’t go for studded items, but I liked this one enough to try it out, and I’m glad that I did!

This sweater isn’t thick, so it is comfortable to wear under a jacket or by itself once you’re in a warm place. I wore this out to a coffee shop to write, and it was quite cozy for being covered in studs, or beads really. The sleeves are connected to the body of the shirt to give almost a dolman effect, but then once you get to the elbow, the material is much tighter against your body, and I like that the shape of the top does that.

As you can see, the studs are tiny beads. We shall see soon if they survive being washed and dried! I also wore my knot ring with my badly painted nails (oops). This ring tends to be my “I don’t know what to wear with this, so this ring will do” accessory.

Lola found the entire photo taking process to be highly entertaining. She even interrupted once to come give me kisses. What can I say? I guess I’m too adorable (and humble, obviously) for her to stand :-p!

tbags sweater, City Chic jeans, Target shoes, Target ring

As for today, I’m sitting here in a long maxi dress with bed head hair. Very stylish, eh? I’m finishing up preparing for my presentation tomorrow at my university’s English graduate student conference where I’ll be talk about fat bodies and the television show Huge. I’m nervous as ever, but at least I already have my outfit picked out! (so typical) I hope that all of you are having a great week!

Do you ever go for “edgier” or “rocker” looks? How do you make your outfits “rocker”?


  1. Oh, I like this a lot! And funnily enough, I, too, have a go-to piece of jewelry, in my case a necklace, that has almost the same design as your go-to ring. Guess it’s universally appealing, haha.

    By the way, I never thanked you for your nice comment on my nerve-wracking outfit post a couple of weeks ago. So THANK YOU!

  2. Oh girl I love that top! So edgy and cute and could be worn so many different ways. I absolutely love that you are embracing your inner rocker, its one of my favorite personal styles in my life and its fun to see you spin on it!
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  3. I love the top! It is long enough for my taste. I love the ring and the nails. Target and Nordstroms. What a way to mix! You should write for a fashion magazine. I often see the deals in those magazines and how the expensive is mixed with the not so expensive. You hit it out of the park! I too am a girl from a small town in North Carolina, That I didn’t know about you! I knew we had a connection somehow.

  4. Girl, I have a love/love relationship with studs. 😀 And you work them fabulously here! I feel like my style bounces between vintage-y casual and modern-rocker chick. Kind of a weird combo, but it works for me! Adding a black slouchy leather bag and something with studs usually does the trick. Lots of metal jewelry, like rings, leather wrap bracelets, etc, and dark nail polish help too! 🙂


  5. Look how cute you are! And I love the dog! I always seem to include dog pictures in my blog posts too.

    I don’t know if I ever actually do edgier, but now I want to try!

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