A Very Late (and Spring-ish) Five Take: Primary Colors

I apologize for showing up late to the Five Take party! For any new faces, Five Take is where Becky, Gina, Nicole, Claire and I…


I apologize for showing up late to the Five Take party!

For any new faces, Five Take is where Becky, Gina, Nicole, Claire and I do our “take” on a particular theme to see the variety of ways to wear these themes, and this week was “Primary Colors”

This weekend I went from being stressed to completely useless, and I was just able today to do my Primary Colors post, which is a bit of a sad try to be honest. For some reason, my try at primary colors ended up being extremely spring-ish and completely wrong for the 50F, gray weather we’re having around here, but that’s the point of Five Take.. to try something even if it’s not your thing or to try something you don’t do well, to push you outside of your boundaries. Anyways, here is my try, and if any of the pictures have odd facial expressions, it’s because my brother was behind the camera messing with me by saying ridiculous things.

I went for blue and yellow, with this blue, bird print eShakti dress I’ve had for a few months, and this yellow striped sweater from Old Navy.  I do like the clash of prints, I’m just not sure about the shape of each together, and my torn up, worn down flats aren’t helping anything!

I love the bird print of the dress, although the shape of it isn’t necessarily my favorite. As much as I like eShakti for allowing custom sizing, this dress (which I did customize) isn’t the best fitting and pulls oddly under my arms. I do like the braided detail under the bust, which you can see in the next picture, but I’m not sure this will ever be a “favorite”.  I added a blue button ring I made this weekend, and I’m enjoying working the different ones into my wardrobe.

 eShakti dress, Old Navy sweater, Old Navy flats, DIY ring, House of Harlow Sunburst earrings (not closely pictured)

Do you wear a lot of primary colors or create color stories in your outfits? If not, do you see yourself integrating primary colors into your wardrobe?

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  1. I actually LOVE this dress! The cardigan covers any imperfect fitting you may not love, & the color & pattern are so fun & flattering. I might add a belt to enhance your shape a bit. Needless to say, I LOVE THIS!

  2. Better late than never!! Love that dress, the braiding detail and print are just gorgeous! I thunk we a found it a challenge this week!!! X

  3. Love the dress, love the sweater but I don’t think they are the best together. The dress is more dressy and the sweater a bit casual, which is not to say that you can’t mix the two but the patterns just don’t quite match. You might try your wonderful red blazer and try it with the dress. or try the sweater with a solid purple top and a dark color or a khaki color on the bottom. You didn’t quite look sure of it yourself, and your brother didn’t help with kidding you while taking the pictures. You are sure a risk taker and I like that about you. The theme of primary colors has endless possibilities. I like the way you just go for it!

  4. I LOVE this outfit! =D You look beautiful in the eShakti dress. I know what you mean about the weird pulling, though. The sleeves are a bit odd on that particular dress.

  5. I love all of this, and especially your gorgeous smile! 😀 You’ve definitely inspired me to mix up patterns more, I just never think to do it!

  6. I also own that dress and agree that the sleeves are a bit odd, but it’s probably my favorite thing I own. It’s my “life changer” dress! I wear it with greens and golds, but I love the yellow pairing here.

    You are so beautiful! Your blog is an inspiration!

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