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The day after my last post my mom had a health scare, and I was the only one home to call the ambulance and such….


The day after my last post my mom had a health scare, and I was the only one home to call the ambulance and such. Needless to say, the 24 hours after that moment were stressful, and we were all wrapped up in waiting to hear what the doctors had to say. She came back home by the afternoon of the next day, and we have since learned that it was a bad reaction to the medicine she’s on from her shoulder surgery and nothing permanent. Because of all of this and trying to get my school like reorganized, the blog has had to take the back burner, but I’m back and really excited about the Five Take theme this week!

Claire decided to switch things up a bit and posed the interview situation for us all to dress for. I found this challenge really fun to see what others would wear, and it’s also really helpful because I will be doing a lot of interview over the next few months as I transition from grad student to my first “big girl” job (hopefully!). Since I will be interviewing for academic jobs, so I wanted to make the outfit academia appropriate but also something that showed my personality. The last thing I want to do is look indistinguishable from a sea of black suits, but I do want to still be completely appropriate in a business casual look.

I had originally planned to wear this with the deep purple Eloquii sweater, but they sent me deep raspberry by mistake, so I wore the green version I had also bought instead.

I put my bird print top from Evans under the sweater to make it more interesting than the typical button down shirt (ps. I also wore it here).  I added my new pants from Very, which are cropped and STILL too long on me. When I’m doing something that makes me nervous, like presenting at a conference or interviewing, I cannot at all have any accessory that I can play with. I will end up twirling my ring or pulling on my necklace the entire time, so I kept it simple with non-fuss shoes and bag and a pair of stud earrings.

Overall, I love this outfit. I could see myself interviewing for teaching positions in it, as well as actually teaching or tutoring. It is polished and put together, but fun and young. The pink nail polish is definitely optional but a lot of fun :).

Eloquii sweater, Evans blouse, Very pants, Target heels, Olivia+Joy bag, House of Harlow earrings

What would you wear to an interview? How does the position you are applying for affect your choices?

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot this, but go check out the other Five Take ladies’ interview looks!

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  1. I love this interview look! You look so pretty in green. If I could find cute pants that fit well, I’d love to sport something similar. (envious, etc.) The cuffed pants are killing me – in a good way.

    I went light on the jewelry for the same reason. I did wear rings because I needed an accessory but my ears may/may not have closed up. Necklaces and bracelets are too much temptation.

    Glad that your mom is doing better! We’ve had some similar scares with medication related reactions in our family.

  2. I love the sweater! It totally lights up your face. I would go with a longer pant but everything you have on is wonderful. You will definitely stand out from the suited people. What age group will you be teaching? You have such a beautiful face and smile. I love your eye color. I have hazel eyes as well. You are well on your way to that interview. When you look good, you feel good, and daaling, you look marvelous!

  3. Glad your mom was ok and that she’s feeling better! And I love your take on the interview outfit. I always gravitate towards a suit-type look, but I like your take a lot better. The bright sweater and printed top are fabulous, and a great idea to jazz up business casual. I will have to remember that when it comes time for me to interview! I especially like the fun details, like the bird print (LOVE) and earrings (LOVE). 😀

  4. Its a really smart but still funky looking outfit! You look really confident in it as well. I really like the bird print blouse too (I would wouldn’t I?!).

    Glad to hear the family is on the mend. It can be scary can’t it.

  5. First, this green looks amazing on you! I *might* have to consider looking at the Eloquii website again. They are a bit too pricey for me. As far as interviews, I’m a suit gal, but hopefully I won’t have to interview again for a long, long time!

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