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What’s this? I’m actually on time for Five Take?! Yes! I’m shocked too ;). This week the Five Take group (Nicole, Becky, Gina, and Claire)…


What’s this? I’m actually on time for Five Take?! Yes! I’m shocked too ;). This week the Five Take group (Nicole, Becky, Gina, and Claire) was challenged to do a party dress outfit. The English portion of the Five Take ladies (Claire, Gina, and Becky) were all going to Plus London Two yesterday, so a party outfit was necessary for them. The theme was serendipitous for me since it was also the weekend that my family was celebrating mine and my dad’s birthdays. My family was heading out to a local restaurant that specializes in modern Mexican cuisine, and I wanted to keep my party dress a little bit casual but super fun. \

Unfortunately, I managed to drain the battery of my camera, so I was reliant upon my mom’s camera and my cell phone. I hope you enjoy this jumble of not-so-great quality pictures :).

I decided to wear my Eliza Parker dress again (worn here) and tried it out with some of the suggestions you all gave, such as “don’t cover the neckline” and wearing it with a thin belt. I went with the bright color and added on a coral-pink belt and simple stud earrings (not pictured). I didn’t want to overwhelm my small town, so I pretty much kept it to that. I still stuck out like a sore thumb though at the restaurant. Where I live, simple is key!

My mom’s camera changed the colors of the outfit. The dress looks blue, but it is definitely a purple.  I wore my belt this way, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I ended up changing it some by the end of the night (pictured below), and I want to hear your thoughts on it.

Here’s some of the photos I took of the night:

 My sister and her drink

Me and my margarita – yum!

Black bean soup–so, so good!

My dinner- Pecan-crusted flat iron steak, black bean coulis, roasted corn puree, red chilaquiles, wilted greens, cotija cheese. Double yum!

My dad and me– Him celebrating his 62nd and me celebrating my 24th!

My birthday isn’t until Wednesday, so I fully intend on celebrating all the way through the week 🙂

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Do you have a favorite party dress or a typical style you wear to parties? When was the last time you got to wear a party dress?

I honestly wish I had more occasions in my life to wear all of my party dresses!


  1. The dress is adorable and it looks great on you. You are a very beautiful girl. Happy birthday just in case I can’tt show up on Wednesday. Best wishes.

  2. I love this outfit. The coral belt looks great with the dress. Makes me want to go out and get both!! I hope you have a wonderful 24th birthday. I’ll be sure to check out the other girls. Im so jealous of them being able go to that event…Lucky lucky!!!

  3. I love that dress. I ordered one VERY similar to it last night. I absolutely love purple and unfortunately the purple one was sold out. =/ Oh well.
    That dress looks fabulous on you! it’s definitely something you can wear for years to come, it’s such a classic cut.

    I stopped buying party dresses because my city doesn’t have much of a nightlife. I’ll start buying more once I move to an area with more nightlife.

    Happy (early) Birthday!!

  4. I think your dress is fabulous. I like the belt with it and I like the way it is worn in the second picture best. BTW…we share the same birthday but I’m turning 31 not 24. Happy early birthday!

  5. I love this dress on you. I think showing the bust line and the thin belt makes it look a thousand times better.
    Arghh, here I am, with the soul plan of blog promotiod and instead I’m just on your blog, commenting all your lovely pictures when my blog is on blogger and not wordpress! Stop making it so hard for me!! Haha =)

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