Some of you have expressed that you’d like to see more about what I’m doing when I’m mixing fat acceptance and fat bodies with my academic work, and it feels like the natural progression to make since I’m already letting my blogging affect my academics. Right now I’m taking a class about writing, rhetoric, and identity. Basically it’s focused on the way we use language to construct our identity across various spaces. Right now, I’m a blogger. A blogger who talks about fashion but also fat bodies. And there are other times where I present myself as a writing tutor, and completely cut off my blogger identity, my fat acceptance identity (at least in terms of the language I use).

But before I get down the rabbit hole too much about how identities shift, I thought I’d share a project I’m currently working on (it may be changing every time you click the link–it’s in the early stages!).

My professor gave us an assignment to explore a certain aspect of our identity, and I, of course, chose to look at my “fat girl” identity. I wanted to explore the different ways OTHERS constructed me as a fat girl across different contexts, so I wanted to think about things said in my home, said amongst peers and friends, things that were important to me as I grew up, and things that are said here in this community. You might recognize yourself in some of your words (and if you don’t like that I’m using them then I’m totally willing to remove it).

I’d love to hear some honest feedback on the piece, like if it’s too polarizing of the “good” and “bad” (although I tried to just lay everything out there without saying how it made me feel).

Most importantly, after seeing my presentation, what do you think your body would say if it could talk? What identities, characteristics, or assumptions are written on to you (about your body, race, job, socio-economic class, etc)? Do you see the possibilities of your self differently when your surrounded by different sets of people?

Here’s the link to my Prezi: click here You can choose to click in and out on whatever you like or you can choose to follow the narrative path I set by clicking the arrow button at the bottom right of the presentation.