The Five Take group (Nicole, Becky, Claire, Gina, and I) are taking on the theme of Valentine’s day this week, and I was actually kind of excited to have a good excuse to bring out my red colored items again. Winter has been MIA for the past couple months, so when I initially saw the theme of Valentine’s day, I was imagining some spring-ish dresses I own, something light and flirty. But, no. Winter decided now would be a great time to show up, so a heavy coat and thicker clothing was needed. Besides the weather situation, I was trying to figure out what outfit would work well for my ultra lovey-dovey plans for Valentine’s Day evening: tutoring at the library.. oh la la :-/! I don’t have a significant other (and I haven’t been on a date in over a year –cries in the corner–), so it wasn’t surprising to me that my Valentine’s Day was anything but romantic, but I still got into the spirit by wearing some pink and red and exchanging “Happy Valentine’s Day”s with my peers at work.

I started out with my Old Navy hooded toggle coat that I bought a long time ago during after Thanksgiving sales and have only just been able to wear comfortably outside. The sleeves are a little long on me, which is almost always the case, but I love the length since it keeps my mid-section warm and my back side covered. Finding a coat that fits correctly around my hips and bum is tough, and usually results in the jacket being too large up top, but this coat managed to work with my shape, while also being fabulously red, so it’s a winner!

With my coat being really eye-catching, I wanted my clothing underneath to be much more subdued. This cream sweater I picked up when i worked at Gap Outlet years ago caught my eye, and I knew it’d be the perfect top for a day in a drafty library.

Although the picture isn’t that great at showing it, this sweater is kind of amazing at highlighting someone’s curves, and I like it contrasted against the dark denim and my Valentine’s themed nail polish and earrings.

My nails are an orchid-pink base color with a stripe of red down the middle. The two tones are hard to distinguish from far away, but I liked the slight contrast (and I especially like successfully pulling off “nail art” since I never seem to be able to manage it!). The earrings I chose are kind of odd with the sweater, but I still like the combo. These red, pink, and purple plastic gem earrings are from Forever21 months ago and were only 2-ish dollars.

Old Navy coat, City Chic jeans, Gap Outlet sweater, Target heels, Forever21 earrings

While my Valentine’s Day is pretty much like every other day, it’s still fun to participate in little ways. I full intend on celebrating by having a bit of chocolate and giving my pup, Lola, extra kisses tonight.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate through your clothing? If so, how?! 🙂

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Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!