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Monday is my day to hang out at the local coffee shop, have some warm and yummy drinks, and work on my school projects. Today I decided…


Monday is my day to hang out at the local coffee shop, have some warm and yummy drinks, and work on my school projects. Today I decided to do more than my usual sloppy look and grabbed for a more cozy outfit to wear. Although it briefly snowed last night, today had a little warmth to it, so I decided on a light cardigan as the focus of my outfit.

Cropped cardigans used to be my wardrobe staple in high school and early college. The fact that they stopped right above my  hips meant they fit me much better than longer cardigans, but I had stopped liking how they looked awhile ago, and I’m still kind of wishy-washy on whether I really like it now. When I wear them now, it just feels like I bought something in petite when it would have looked much better in a long. Although the length kind of bugs me, I really like the design/pattern of the knit cardigan. It was comfy and interesting–just how I like my clothing. I added on some tan accessories and a few pieces of jewelry I picked up recently.

This mixed metal and stone necklace from Urban Outfitters has become my recent favorite. Add it over a basic tee and you’re set. I also was wearing my “R” ring that I got from Urban Outfitters.

 Old Navy cardigan, Old Navy tall tank top, City Chic jeans, Old Navy flats, Urban Outfitters necklace, Urban Outfitters ring, Nordstrom BP bucket bag (similar but better bag)

Besides the fact that I wore my cardigan with the price tag hanging out all day (typical) and my hair falling flat upon going outside, it was a pretty good, relaxed day. I even got some packages wrapped for people who had bought from my e-shop (yay productivity!). I hope you had a happy Monday! 🙂

How do you feel about cropped cardigans? What outfit do you envision when you think “Coffee Shop Casual”?


  1. I am built very similarly to you (and close in size) and I know exactly what you mean about the shorter cardigan – HOWEVER – seeing it on you, I think it looks FABULOUS and I think I just may try it myself!


  2. I agree about the feel of wearing something short, but that was and is the style now a days. The length of the shirt makes up for the length of the cardigan. I love the empire waist feel where the tie is just under the bust. It is slenderizing. That blue is yummy on you and brings out your beautiful complexion and eyes. You could wear your new boots with the outfit. That would be cute. I love the purse, I have one similiar to it. This kind of pull tie purse never goes out of style and I like the long strap to wear over the shoulder. And the necklace just sets off the whole outfit! Hope you had a wonderful time at the coffee shop.

  3. I think cropped cardigans are nice. I really like your necklace and your shoes. =)
    As far as my coffee shop casual, I envision a nice flowy skirt with a basic top (maybe striped or a basic color) with some flats. I’m not big on accessories but I’m slowly but surely working them into my outfits more often.
    I hope you had a good time at the coffee shop.
    Congrats on being productive on a monday. It’s going on 9:30pm and I have yet to do any homework. =/

    1. Thanks! I love the idea of a flowy skirt. For some reason, I’m really awkward abotu wearing skirts out. I’ve been trying to add more lately, so we’ll see how it goes.

  4. Hey beautiful! Hope you are enjoying a lovely Tuesday. You look wonderful in blue, I love the cropped cardi. I always go cropped or really long, it works best with my shape I think. As for my Monday Coffee Shop-casual, I am always overdressed lol. Would have loved to meet up with you for coffee! Hugs from me to you

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