This week’s Five Take theme was channeling a movie character, and since I failed majorly at the 1990’s theme last week, I decided to pick a 90’s movie. I seriously spent hours looking into different 90s movies, and I didn’t find one that excited me until I looked into one of my absolute favorite movies: That Thing You Do. Even though it was a 90s film, the story line was set in the 60s, so I got to channel Liv Tyler’s character, Faye Dolan, in the scene where she runs into the appliance store because the Oneder’s song was playing on the radio.

Here’s a little video that shows the scene at 36 seconds into it:


Here’s my best Faye Dolan:

 I channeled the look with Evans’ ankle length skinny jeans, an Eloquii sweater, and my hair pushed back by a headband. I switched some things up by adding the animal print shoes and going with the red lip color. I like to think of this look as Faye Dolan once she gets out of the small town and gets a (slight) wild streak.

Of course, I can’t be Faye Dolan without doing a little celebratory dance:

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What do you think of my That Thing You Do look? Which movie character’s style would you like to try?