This week’s theme for Five Take is “casual OOTD”, and I found it kind of difficult because I consider most of my outfits casual. Since I want Five Take to be a little different than my typical OOTD posts, I decided to show you what casual meant for me when it comes to how I dress when I’m hanging out at home, watching tv, and doing homework.

For me, true “casual” outfits are not fussy at all. That means no restricting clothing, no accessories that I will have to keep in place. I default a lot to jersey dresses I have sitting around, but today I was wearing leggings and a top. Boring? Yes. But this is me being super casual.

Of course if I’m wearing my comfy clothes for around the house then that means Lola is going to be at my side at all times. I think comfy clothes = cuddling, ball playing, and the occasional treat for her.

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Is there a difference between your “casual” outfit when you go out and your “casual” outfit when you stay at home?

Do you think about being “fashionable” for your outfits that you wear around the house?