OOTD: One of Those Perfect Spring Afternoons

Today was one of my last free days for the next few weeks, so my mom and I decided to make use of the sunny…


Today was one of my last free days for the next few weeks, so my mom and I decided to make use of the sunny weather and go to lunch, the movies, and shopping. Knowing that I have to finalize my graduate project, prepare for conference, present research at work, and travel to Boston to prepare at said conferene–all within 16 days–has be weighing really heavily on me, so getting this little slice of perfection was just what I needed to prepare me for the amount of work I have coming my way. I originally was going to go out with dirty hair in a ponytail, but then I saw this green dress hanging in my closet begging to be worn.

The dress is from Talbots, the Marlo Halter Dress (although, it’s not a halter at all!), and I’m definitely in love with the color, shape, and feel of the dress. It has cute pockets, and it can be styled in so many different ways. I couldn’t find a cardigan or jacket that I really liked with the dress, so I defaulted to this old Ann Taylor Loft cardi that’s a little ill-fitting. Like every photo I seem to take, the dress looks longer than it actually is. It sits a couple inches higher than in the photo.

I kept the outfit simple with basic flats and a daisy ring I had bought from Forever21 years ago. Usually, I don’t care for wearing dresses when I’m going to the movies and sitting for long periods of time, but this dress has so much fabric to move around in that it was more comfortable than my typical jeans.

Talbots dress, Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, Old Navy flats, Forever21 ring

Shopping tip: If you’re interested in Talbots’ clothing, I recommend signing up for their emails. I think it took a couple weeks before I received a discount code big enough to afford the dress.

So on this perfect spring afternoon, I got to see The Hunger Games, chat with my mom about random things, and enjoying the sunny weather. I also ended up purchasing Jessica Simpson extensions. Kind of random, but I like them 🙂

What’s your favorite spring dress style? Have any of you tried extensions? If so, share some tips with me 🙂


  1. Green is definitely your color! I also really like your nail color (kind of obsessed with nail polish at the moment…) Anyway, no, I’ve never tried extensions, but I’d like to. My hair is super short, and I hate it. I’m just afraid they wouldn’t look right on me though because my hair is so thick.


  2. Love the dress! I need one of those styles of dresses one of these days, I love how they look on everyone else. You sure can pull off green too!!

    Never tried extensions. No need for it when it comes to length, I’ve always had long hair with the exception of trying out sort of like a shoulder length bob once and feeling so frumpy I’ve never tried a shorter style since. I do have super insanely fine hair though, so would probably benefit from extensions to add thickness. I love my hair super soft though and I’m not sure I could keep my super soft feeling hair with extensions thrown in there.


  3. Wow! That’s a fabulous dress, and looks so pretty with the white cardi. The extensions are gorgeous on you! It looks like your own hair. Good luck at the conference!

  4. OMG! This dress looks absolutely stunning on you. I love it with that cardigan. It gives you such a beautiful hourglass shape. You are simply gorgeous!

  5. This dress is GORGEOUS. It is such a great spring/summer dress. And you look amazing in green!

    Why do I bother internet shopping when you pop up with all the things I’m coveting? I was dying for the Eliza Parker Nantucket Dress in Kelly Green last year and this reminds me of it!

  6. Love the dress! I must say as someone who doesn’t normally wear dresses I just came home from Florida with THREE summer dresses. Loving the maxi dress right now. Didn’t think I could wear it as a plus size shape, but happily I was wrong. Just goes to show you that the way it looks on the hanger isn’t the way it’s meant to look on a person. Love your green dress with your dark hair. Great tip on signing up for Talbot’s to get discount codes. off to do that now…

  7. Oh, you look fantastic in green! That dress is so pretty, I love the cut/style of it. I’ve tried so many different types of extensions, I love playing around with my hair! I’ve never tried the Jessica Simpson ones though, always out of my price range.

  8. This is an adorable outfit. You look fabulous in green and the cut of the dress is perfect on you.

    I’m sure you will do great finishing up your graduate studies.

  9. Well, aren’t you just the bee”s knees!!! Ha ha! You are so cute in this dress. I too would have just put on jeans and gone on but this dress is a coo. You will remember this day forever and it will be special in years to come and the one thing you will do is remember what you wore. My mom always recalled events in her life and then she would quote what she wore that day. It became a little joke for my brother and me but she is no longer with us and I like the fact that she was a great dresser and never left the house without looking like she stepped out of a fashion magazine. Very few people dress up anymore to go anywhere or put any thought into what they wear. As a plus size woman, you could just throw on some comfortable elastic clothing and go but you always go out looking your best and it shows comfidence in who you are and what you want to project about yourself. BTW, the extensions look good. You did a great job with them.

  10. I love the dress! I have always wanted to shop the talbots plus size section but was never sure if the clothes would fit but after seeing this post I think I will put some serious thought into buying something from them.

  11. You look amazing! I’ve been coveting some of Talbots green dresses. That color is so clover green, my favorite, it looks great. I wondered about the “halter” aspect of that dress, I am not one for halters myself because I have never found a bra that works well with them. I’m glad to hear that its not actually a halter, I wish they would show the back of their dresses on the website.

  12. That dress is so pretty! That shade of green is a perfect compliment to your skin and hair colours. Talbots…not just for old ladies anymore!

  13. Hiii! I just found your blog and I love it!!!
    I’m from Brazil and was searching for tips for plus size women like myself and totaly became a fan… You are super cute and with a great style!

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