Five Take: Pastels

For this week’s Five Take, I chose for the group to take on the pastel theme. I was really excited to try it because I…


For this week’s Five Take, I chose for the group to take on the pastel theme. I was really excited to try it because I recently bought a couple pairs of pastel colored jeans (lilac, coral, and mint green), but it ended up being way harder than I had expected. I am so used to dark denim that when I wear other colors and shades of denim I become hesitant about the entire outfit. But five take is for trying things out that we may not have without the extra push, so here’s my first attempt  at pastels, but definitely not my last!

I decided to cuff my Evans lilac jeans because for some reason I only liked colored jeans if they are not worn full length (or maybe it’s because every pair I’ve had does not fit closely to the ankle –which is what I want). I tried these jeans with lots of different tops but ended up liking it with this Penningtons sequin top the best. I liked the metallic silver against the lilac, and kept with this dreamy gray/purple color scheme in my necklace.

The necklace has pearls and various colored gray and purple plastic gems, and it had the center piece split into two with chains going between the two pieces. I used the chains and connector rings to bind the two pieces together (definitely edit your jewelry if you’re willing to take the risk or only like one small piece of the over all item!).

Evans lilac jeans, Penningtons top, Target shoes, Forever21 necklace

The pastel trend is definitely one I want to try again and again this summer. It’s light and fun, putting me in the perfect summertime mood. If you’re interested in these jeans, I would consider sizing down one size. While mine fit and I’ll still keep them, they instantly got baggy and I had to keep pulling them back up.  I guess it depends how tight you want them.

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Do you like the pastel trend? If so, how do you (or would you) wear it?


  1. I havent check on your blog for quite a while….and missed these latest posts! I love ALL your latest outfits! the green dress, the grey tee, the white blazer. every piece is stunning and fits you perfectly!!!

    so, I’ll see you at the FFFweek!! cannot wait!!!

  2. Oh! I love it! I have a pair of lilac jeans, I think i’ll be on the lookout for a grey sequin top to pair it with!

  3. Normally I’m not a big fan of pastel pants or sequin tops, but I have to say “wow!”, you pulled this off amazingly well. Just goes to show that trying new things can work out really well! Very nice 🙂

  4. Hi! I was looking for lilac inspiration. I love this look, especially how you paired the jeans with sparkles and sequins- so happy to visit your blog!

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