FFFWeek: Shopping Adventures

Hellllooo! I’m back from NYC and Full Figured Fashion Week, and I had such an amazing (yet exhausting) time meeting other bloggers, attending events, and…


Hellllooo! I’m back from NYC and Full Figured Fashion Week, and I had such an amazing (yet exhausting) time meeting other bloggers, attending events, and getting to talk with the people behind the brands I love. I got back on Sunday and promptly fell asleep after lunch, completely slept through my dad’s Father’s Day party, and then slept all night, too. I was tired! But the trip was sooo worth it. I’ll be posting all about my trip over the next week, so make sure to keep checking back to hear about the different events.

Nicole from A Well-Rounded Venture and I decided to travel to NYC a day early so we could get settled and enjoy the city. Once we met at the hotel, we talked for a good hour or so before deciding to go out and look for some good shopping. I was really nervous to meet other bloggers since you never know if you’ll click in real life, but our conversation just flowed and felt very comfortable, so that was nice! It was raining outside, but that didn’t deter us from shopping. We headed out to Macy’s on 34th Street, which has an entire floor devoted to plus sizes. No back corner department this time!

We found lots of things that we wanted to try on, and they had some great sales going, but we ended up walking out empty-handed. I tried on a lot of American Rag and Calvin Klein items, and I also tried a Jessica Simpson dress which surprisingly fit though the lining was snug. The rain kind of ruined the fun of going from store to store, so we headed back to the hotel for the night.

The next day we decided to go to Times Square so we could see Forever21’s plus size line in person. I’ll admit that I felt like a country mouse in the city. Charlotte is not built like New York, and the amount of people, traffic, and noise was overwhelming. Nicole was much better suited for it since she had lived in San Francisco.

It was really nice being able to try on F21 clothing. I ended up getting a shirt that I would never have purchased online that has a peekaboo back like this one. I also got this maxi dress and open knit top.

I kept it simple with my shopping outfit by wearing a sheer Torrid blouse, Evans mint jeans, and basic Old Navy flats.

The rain was not kind to my hair.

Nicole snapping a picture

After shopping in the rain, going the wrong way on the subway, and then having our subway malfunction, I was ready to head back to the hotel to relax before the sunset cruise (Nicole handled all that stuff way easier than me! Like I said, country mouse in the city!). Luckily the weather was amazing by that evening and the cruise was a night to remember. Check in tomorrow to see all about it!


  1. It all sounds amazing! I am on the edge of my seat ready to find out what happened at the conference. Like minded people and fashion get my blood moving! Say shopping and I’m there!

  2. ”The rain was not kind to my hair.”

    Are you kidding me?! Rebecca, you look INSANELY beautiful in that photo! Absolutely love your pictures. Is it wrong that I wish I’d booked a to the conference/New York just to meet all of the awesome bloggers (such as yourself!) in attendance alone?!

    1. Seriously agree. Pretty sure that’s the best photo I’ve seen of you, Rebecca.
      You’re so gorgeous!

  3. How really tremendous is this – ty for sharing! I didn’t even KNOW there was such a thing! Now, ahem – Ms Country Mouse 😉 I know what overwhelmed you, as I’m originally from NJ and have lived in the South (and am doing so again) – its the PACE. Everything is very fast-paced, including how people talk – alot of times when I talk in the South, I’m perceived as brusque, or angry, and – I’m not! I’m just used to a faster pace!

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