FFFWeek: “My Curves, My Style,” “Blogger 101,” and Five Take’s Animal Print (aka, the title that never ends ;)

On Wednesday morning, Nicole and I woke up early to attend the “My Curves, My Style” panel and the “Blogger 101” workshop. I was interested…


On Wednesday morning, Nicole and I woke up early to attend the “My Curves, My Style” panel and the “Blogger 101” workshop. I was interested to see how these events went because I’ve never attended any type of conference/event that was specifically about doing the thing I like to do.

I have to admit that I bought my ticket for the “My Curves, My Style” event just because Leslie Medlik was one of the speakers. I loved her on Big Sexy (doublechinwin) and wanted to hear what she had to say about style. I did not know the other presenters previous to attending the panel, but I really thought they were all interesting in their own perspectives and doing really cool things in the plus size world: Kendra Porter, Sherri Collins, and Marcy Guevara.

Marcy, Kendra, and Leslie

While the panel was geared more towards women who were still operating under self-imposed and society-imposed “fashion rules”, I still learned some interesting things about what to look for when looking at the construction of a garment. The panel had some staple philosophies that I’ve heard around the blogosphere like “try things on!” and “get friendly with a tailor”.

Kendra Porter talked about shopping with your body shape in mind

Leslie Medlik talked about vintage fashion

Sherri said the thing that spoke to my current style situation the most. She said, “Plus size fashion has gone beyond access. Now it’s about personal style; we have choices!” While I don’t think we ALL have access, it’s true that I have more choices than I’ve ever had before. Sometimes that’s amazing, and sometimes it’s overwhelming. Previously, my style was dictated by what I could find. I still sometimes go shopping and buy things just because I’ve never seen it in plus sizes before. So how do I carve out my style when I’m suddenly getting choices? I think it’s hard to navigate. I know what I respond positively to, but do I have a specific style? As for now, I’m happy playing around in my choices :).

After the first panel, Nicole and I went down to have a quick lunch (where I paid $20 for 4 crappy chicken tenders–hrmf), and then we hurried back up for the “Blogging 101” workshop. It was definitely a packed room, and I spotted some bloggers I knew plus other big names in the plus size fashion world.

I spy Olivia, Jill from Sonsi, and Georgette!

I sat in the front row, so I got an up close view of the superstar panel.

Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista was the moderator, Marina Zelner – designer of Queen Grace, Alissa of Stylish Curves, and Madeline Figueroa Jones- editor-in-chief of Plus Model Magazine

I really enjoyed hearing these women talk from their personal perspectives about what has and has not worked out for them. Certain themes kept coming up, ones I hope I keep on this blog: Staying true to your ethics, being socially responsible, and being supportive to other bloggers.

I was realllllly excited to meet Alissa. I’ve been reading her blog since I started, and she’s one of those bloggers who makes sure to read others’ blogs and comment. I really appreciated it when I was only getting about 50 views a day, and she still took the time to comment on posts.  (P.S. Her outfit is fabulous! Look at her shoes!)

I had to get a picture with Marie even though we had met briefly a few days prior. She’s one of those really warm people that immediately puts you at ease. She’s not only genuinely nice, but someone who honestly wants to get to know you and make you included in the plus size fashion events. I enjoyed every talk with her!

I also got to finally meet Georgette! I’ve enjoyed her blog from its very beginning, and she has an amazing sense of style that she’s constantly pushing at and surprising me. Definitely a blogger you need to check out!

After the sessions, Nicole and I headed out to take some quick OOTD pictures. I originally was going to wear an animal print belt, but ended up with only channeling our Five Take theme through my shoes. Five Take is not easy when you don’t have your entire wardrobe with you!

 Oh, New York City. Where street style pictures have the occasional mountain of trash in the background 😉

My Aldo ring mimics animal print patterns.

Check out Becky, Claire, and Gina‘s animal print posts. I don’t think Nicole has posted hers yet, but I’ll link it when she does!

Overall, the panels were really interesting to me because I loved hearing from women whose work I admired. Living in North Carolina, I don’t get to talk in person with anyone else involved in plus size blogging or the corporate world. It was great being in a room of women who shared that passion with me.

Do you think Sherri’s quote rings true for you? 

“Plus size fashion has gone beyond access. Now it’s about personal style; we have choices!” 


  1. Yeah! We have choice! I am finding it more and more when I look for clothing. I am on the cusp of plus size, women’s sizes etc. Some regular 18’s are too small and 16plus is just right, 1x can be too big at times while XL is too small. It can be a bit daunting. I am light hearted because some stores have such lovely plus sizes. I do wish that some of the great designers and catalogues had plus sizes. Did you know that some XL’s are made for size 10? unbelievable but it is true. I want to be true to the real me that I am and if I am a plus size then there it is. I want to look smart and well put together. You girls inspire me. I love the pictures and these lovely larger women you had the opportunity to get to know. Their clothing was great. I see you had on your green dress that I love and shoes that make the outfit. You look like you have lost weight. Your waist looks so small in that dress. Your accessories are just as important as the outfit and that is what puts the finishing touches on the outfit. I look forward to hearing more about what else you have learned in New York. My favorite outfits for you are the green dress and the beautiful white dress you wore on the cruise. I am so happy for you that your world is continuing to open up and this conference may just be the start. I see you publishing your own magazine one day. This is a wonderful training ground for you.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing – I am so sad I couldn’t go. But it looks like you had a blast (love that green dress on you, btw). I have yet to meet Marie, but I agree – she has been nothing but warm, nurturing and welcoming since I joined the plus size blogging game. Also, love Georgettte – got to meet her recently in Philly. Love her!

    As for Sherri’s quote – that IS true for me. And it actually took a straight size stylist to really bring that point home to me. (I actually blogged about it here – http://www.curvyceo.com/2012/01/03/youre-doing-it-wrong-how-this-fashion-blogger-got-schooled-by-a-professional-stylist/) She was basically like, “Look, just because people are smaller and have more options doesn’t mean they are GOOD options. The beauty of being in a special size range is that your choices are finite so that you can find what works for you and then really work it!” Totally changed my perspective . . . .

  3. Spot on quote. For some of us we are still not over the “wow” phase of just how many options we have today. Like you, sometimes I will buy something just because I’ve never seen it for larger women, thankfully that’s curbed over the years, but it still occasionally happens.

    I grew up in a small town—one stoplight!—so I was stuck with whatever I could get my hands on, which really meant I wore jeans and t-shirt almost non-stop. I still wear jeans and a t-shirt often, which I get a little flack for from some fashion bloggers, but it’s who I am and I think staying real is more important than a little negative feedback.

    Love your five take—such a great concept—it’s inspiring to see weekly challenges from different perspectives 🙂

  4. Yes, yes, 1000 times yes. While it’s not even the same order of magnitude as straight sizes, I’m a bit older than most plus size fashion bloggers, and remember only all too well when I had about three choices of stores I could find clothes in at all, and the only choice I had was whether it “fits” or not – where “fit” meant “wasn’t too tight”.

    Now not only do I get to choose silhouettes and colors and how much skin(!) to show, but I also get to choose fit. It’s both amazing and difficult, because I’ve had to do a lot of catching up with re-learning how to dress myself, and deciding how I want to present myself to the world.

  5. I never really thought of it as purchasing because you actually found your size, without it really being about your personal style. But it is true. I still feel that way to a certain extent because I’m on the higher end of the size spectrum.

    Being a blogger has helped me learn about so many other brands though and really brought more access and choices to me. It can be overwhelming. Like you, I still feel like I’m feeling it all out more and pushing my own personal fashion boundaries in order to find my true personal style.

    BTW, love the leopard shoes. I know you have worn them before and I love them every time. lol I don’t think I would have ever thought of putting them with green, but it looks great!

  6. I think the quote surely rings true. I have a closet full of clothes. However I haven’t found my style yet, I obviously love fashion. I am not afraid of colors but being a mother of five young children always on the go how to get a chance to find my style Monday- Friday? The only time I actually “dress” is on Sunday’s for church. Maybe you fashionable plus size ladies can help.

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