FFFWeek: Sonsi Blogger “Be-You-Tiful” Pop-Up Party

Out of all of the FFFWeek events, I was most excited for the events that focused on bloggers meeting brands and other bloggers. While I…


Out of all of the FFFWeek events, I was most excited for the events that focused on bloggers meeting brands and other bloggers. While I love fashion, it’s the community that drew me to FFFWeek. Because of that, I couldn’t wait to get to the Sonsi Blogger “Be-You-Tiful” Pop-Up Party, and it definitely was one of the highlights of my trip. 🙂

The party had a lot of fun things going on. We were able to get up-close views of Palm Beach Jewelry, Sealed With A Kiss Designs (SWAK Designs), Catherine’s fall line, and Sydney’s Closet, as well as some swim pieces, all of which Sonsi carries. There was a place to get a make over by FFFWeek make-up artist of the year Tara Taylor and 5-minute manicures, and we enjoyed good music and good food.

Here’s some instagram and regular photos of the event:

When I first went in, I saw Tara from Sonsi with samples of Palm Beach Jewelry. They had some great pieces, but some of the bracelets were too tight on my wrist — just a warning if you’re like me and at the upper end of plus-sizes.

Upcoming SWAK pieces

Breakfast treats

Meaghan of Little Lime Dress getting her makeup done

I spy Tanja and Rikke!

Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club

Olivia getting her 5-minute manicure

Nicole and Olivia — check our Olivia’s necklace! So cool!

Me and Sarah of Queen Sized Flava

Nicole and Olivia talking to Gwen Devoe about Olivia’s fiance, Ben’s, dance moves :-p.

Sonsi team member, Jessica. All of the Sonsi girls were so fun and friendly!

Monique of Curves and Chaos

Me and Rikke (check out her rings–WANT!)

I won two bracelets during the Sonsi event. As you can see, they were tight on my wrists, so when I found out that Rikke loved the fox bracelets, I gave it to her knowing that she would wear it much better than I could! I still have the other bracelet, though, so should I do a giveaway? (Thank you, Sonsi, for the gifts! They will be worn by some stylish people!)

These bracelets are part of their Palm Beach Jewelry line if you want to get them for yourself.

I love this picture of Georgette, Olivia, me, and Nicole. Who said plus size girls shy away from color?!

Me and Nicole, my FFFWeek roomie!

Me and Sarah from SWAK Designs — she’s very passionate and excited to talk about SWAK. I really enjoyed hearing her talk about what SWAK Designs aims for and she gave me my first pair of teggings!

I’m sneaking this picture in here. It’s Nicole, Jen Wilder, and I at the shopping event. Jen just released her active wear line, Cult of California, and it is AMAZING!

I was completely planning on having a Charlotte from SATC moment, but I was reminded how un-Charlotte-y I am. A) My feet were hurting too much to wear the heels I packed, so flats it was. B) Right before the Sonsi event, I had a mini-emergency and Nicole ran with me to a local drug store really quick which = sweat. C) I was getting stabbed my newly broken underwire, and that’s not cute or comfortable. Regardless, I had a ton of fun and absolutely loved my dress. The dress is from Talbot’s, which should definitely not be overlooked by young plus size fashionistas.

I’m kind of “eh” towards the clutch with this, but I love the pop of the pink belt. This belt is the perfect material with just enough give. I absolutely love it!

Thank you, Nicole, for taking these awesome outfit shots with your super photography skills and camera!

Talbot’s dress and belt, Old Navy flats, Aldo clutch

Thank you, Sonsi, for inviting me to the “Be-You-Tiful” Pop-Up Party! It was a wonderful experience, and I loved the passion you all have about your brand and the full figured fashion industry!


  1. perfect outfit!! You´re look wonderful! (really love the dress: I´d love to have the same in my wardrobe 😉 !! )

  2. My dear friend, I LOVE all the pictures and the FFF week that you’ve shared with us at full-length -AND your honesty! I think its wrong that a jewelry maker would go to something knowing there are full-figure gals AND NOT HAVE THEIR JEWELRY BE APPROPRIATE IN TERMS OF FITTING – and I thank you for ‘outing’ them, for letting us know, Rebecca, so! Love your blue dress!!!

  3. <3 <3 <3 your dress! As someone who loves stereotypically feminine things, that dress is right up my alley.
    I love the addition of the pink belt.

    I hate those bracelets didn't fit you. =/ They were gorgeous, especially the fox one.

  4. It was so kind of you to give me the bracelet! And I think you could tell from the look on my face that it made me really, really happy! 😉 It was a great event, and so nice chatting with you!

  5. I loved the dress you wore, so cute and the pink belt was a great addition. Wow,Jen is a tall drink of water! I would love to see her designs, I guess she is where everyone goes, the web. It is neat to be able to sneak a peak at the fashions ahead of time. Did you get to shop while you were there?

  6. Great pics, thanks for sharing mine (*^_^*) I remember now when u took it lol because I wasnt sure if you were taking a pic of the crowd or me, lol i feel so dumb. 😛 You look SO gorgeous in that dress! totally working it 😉

  7. Is it inappropriate to ask you to sell that dress in your “shop your closet” ? I TOTALLY love it. You looked so damn cute. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I think this was my favourite event! How funny was it chatting to Gwen about Ben lololololol!
    I think you pulled a perfect Charlotte! xx

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