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We’re back this week with a Five Take post, and I have to apologize to my other Five Takers, cause I’ve been totally slack the…


We’re back this week with a Five Take post, and I have to apologize to my other Five Takers, cause I’ve been totally slack the past couple of weeks. This whole finding your first adult job thing is not simple, and my schedule has been all over the place with interviews and meeting with family to talk about things. I should know by next week where and what level of classes I will be teaching. Exciting, scary stuff!

But anyway, back to Five Take! For those who are new to my blog, Five Take is a group of 5 bloggers who each “take” on a theme and show the diversity in how women dress. As seen in the title, this week’s theme was pretty simple: belts! I love wearing belts, and you’ll see them on me pretty often, but I used to NEVER wear belts before I began reading blogs and blogging myself. At the moment, skinny belts are in and are often worn around the waist, and that trend works for me pretty easily. When belts were more popular around the upper hips, that was not comfortable for me, and they always tended to shimmy upwards during the day.

Belts can do so much for an outfit. They can add a pop of color or change the shape of a dress. For this week’s theme, I wanted to showcase my newest belt, especially how it adds some fun and glamour to a basic item.

I had never bought a belt from ASOS Curve before, but I couldn’t resist getting this bug belt after seeing someone wear it during FFFWeek. It’s actually really comfortable because the metal belt part is springy and stretchy.

 I was wearing this out to dinner with my family, so I paired it with a basic, black maxi dress from Old Navy and kept it simple with gold earrings. This 100 degree, humid weather is making “simple” my motto, so I loved that the belt brought a cute detail and metallic sass to the outfit.

Because of the springy-ness of the belt, it stayed secure in its place all evening, which seems to be a rare ability with belts!

I kept my hair up and earrings simple, but even with this no-fuss look, I had people tell me all night that I looked “dressed up”. Behold the power of a belt ;).

Shop this look: Old Navy dress, ASOS Curve belt, Target Earrings

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How do you wear belts? What’s your favorite kind (skinny, quirky, colorful, etc)?


  1. Love this – there is nothing plain about this OOTN!!! Oh, I miss belts … back in the mid-80s, I had a red, wide belt that stretched and had a big clasp in the middle, and let me tell you! that brought whatever I was wearing to a whole new space (as you’ve said in this article!) … therefore, about six months ago or so?, I deliberately purchased a shirt w/ a belt, because the belt could be removed and added to other outfits … I was just too uncomfortable ;( it wasn’t tight … it was just too fitted for me now, I guess – something I’m just not used to anymore ….P.S. Dinner out w/ ur family is NEVER an “only” (in my humble opinion – how much I miss that!!!)

    1. Yeah, it took me awhile to figure out what was comfortable for me. When belts at the waist go out of style, I’ll probably have to pass on them! And you are so right about the “only”. I edited it out–thanks for the reminder!

  2. I like how you turned up the volume on a plain black maxi dress. You really jazzed it up and made it look marvelous!

  3. I love this little belt and especially with the black dress. It adds a pop of something extra.

  4. That maxi went from casual to dressy with the belt and the earrings, you look great!

    You may want to try a weave belt, those are kind of neat because you can choose the exact setting (and thus size) by just clasping wherever you want on the weave. Very neat.

      1. I found a thin one at H&M – they actually carry XL there and, because you can choose where it clasps, it’s more forgiving than the usual belts.

  5. So great! I LOVE that belt, and the one they have up now with the tortoise, but I don’t wear gold. I keep getting tempted to buy it, but know I probably won’t buy it. Belts can really make an outfit, it just adds that pop to this dress! As always, you look fantabulous (how do you do it!!?)

  6. I love this look! That belt really jazzes up the basic black dress. I haven’t braved away from wide belts yet, but I might have to try a few out skinny ones next time I’m shopping. With the gold earrings, the metallics really pop and I swear it makes your skin take on a gold glow too! 🙂

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