FFFWeek: Indie Designers Showcase

I’m running way late in posting about the rest of FFFWeek, so these next couple posts are going to be picture heavy with only a…


I’m running way late in posting about the rest of FFFWeek, so these next couple posts are going to be picture heavy with only a little bit of words. Forgive me! The Indie Designers Showcase was Friday evening after the Sonsi Blogger Event. Nicole and I grabbed a cab with Olivia and her fiance, Ben, who are always fun to be around. I tend to be pretty introverted, and I felt open around Nicole because she’s one of the bloggers I’m closest to, but I could be shy at bigger events. It was nice to have Olivia and Ben around because they are so outgoing and made me feel at ease and always laughing.

I didn’t get the best seats for photographing the Indie show, so I definitely recommend viewing Danimezza‘s album. She took some great photographs, and here are my favorite looks:

Photo by Danimezza

Designer Youtheary Khmer with two models wearing looks from her line. I loved her use of colors and the movement of her pieces, but my favorite outfit was the one she was wearing! I love the sequin top with the bright skirt and pop of yellow in the belt.

Photo by Danimezza

My absolute favorite line shown was Ashley Nell Tipton’s. Her line reflects her youthfulness and vibrancy. I want it all!

Photo by Danimezza

Even though I wouldn’t wear the pieces this way, I LOVE the cropped lace top over the button down, especially with the metal necklace.

Photo by Danimezza

This dress would fit easily into my closet, and I love the lattice detailing at the top. Often, plus size clothing stops at 1 detail, like polka dots, and I enjoy designers that push it farther than that. The dress also has buttons all the way down the back. So cute!

Photo by Danimezza

Sorella Swim had some cute suits, all with ruching. I loved the color of this one, and the model looked gorgeous in it!

Photo by Danimezza

This is a Jibri dress, and it’s so gorgeous. Perfect for work and cocktails!

Photo by Danimezza

My other favorite line was by 17 Sundays. I love how they styled all of their looks!

Also showing at the Indie show was Rachel Pally, so I decided to wear a dress from her line for the show. I’ll admit that it didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to. When I bought it, Bloomingdale’s advertised it like this:

I loved the shape, especially the neckline, but when I read the description, it said it was a caftan with shoulder cut outs. Well it definitely was a caftan, and it definitely DID NOT have shoulder cut outs. I thought that they must have had the model put her arms through the cut outs, but that wasn’t an option for me since the cut outs did not exist. I had gotten it to look how I wanted it to at home, but once I was in NY, I couldn’t get back the same magic. Oh well! I still enjoyed wearing it.

I went with pops of coral and mint. I’m not sure what my flats were doing, but I learned a big lesson on this trip. I had packed high heels for this outfit, but that was not going to happen. I only had worn down black flats with me. Next time I know to pack a spare pair of nice black flats!

My ring is from Aldo, and it’s one of my favorites!

Thank you, Nicole, for taking my pictures!

After the show, I saw Chastity from The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style, so I had to bug her for a picture. I love her style and what she wore to the event!

After hanging outside the venue for awhile and talking with everyone, Nicole, Olivia, Ben, Jessica, Karen, Peter, and Jen headed to an Italian restaurant and enjoyed good food and good laughs.

Olivia of Wait Until The Sunset, Ben, Jen designer of Cult of California, and Karen of Curvy Canadian

Olivia, being her hilarious self

Nicole of A Well-Rounded Venture, me, and Jessica of Too Many Sequins

Thank you, Peter, for taking this pic! P.S. Indie Designer Anslee of Savannah Red is sitting at the table behind us!

That night was so much fun, and I enjoyed having dinner with these amazing people. I wish that I had been a little more outgoing, but maybe next year? haha

Which was your favorite look from the Indie Show?

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  1. That 17 Sundays is definitely you. I like the shirt and the little blue jacket, and you rock that dress better than the model. Those shoes!!! Can you imagine wearing those heels? They are what gives these fashions that umph! but they are not practical for us real women. I like the fact that heels make us strut. and I like to strut and move my hips.

  2. I have to say FFFweek really did step their game up. Last year I didn’t find the collection very exciting, loads of black and boring patterns. But yay for this year and I have a feeling for future years too. Plus size fashion is slowly rising and gaining more and more ground.
    You look lovely, I’m sure you had a great time.

    1. I agree that it’s all getting better. There were some lines that were obviously not as “on trend” as others, but people want that too. Thank you, and hopefully we will meet next year if you can come?!

  3. That looks like lots of fun! You look stylish, as always! Coral is one of my absolute favorite colors, though I hardly ever wear it.

    The outfit that Youtheary Khmer is wearing in the top photo is absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. The dress looks much better on you than it does in the picture on that model! You look very happy too; glad you had fun!

  5. Favorite was the last, incredibly stylish and sensible enough to wear in regular day-to-day life. Even the heels look low enough to survive on cobblestone with 😉
    Really nice combination of colorful accessories with your dress, you styled it much better than the folks who shot the model wearing it did – didn’t catch my eye at all with her wearing it.
    As to New York, if you plan on saving money and not taking a cab everywhere, take flats. Same with London, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. My hubby and I walk constantly and if I’m in heels, it’s not pretty at the end of the day.

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