It’s Five Take time again, and I’m actually on track which is a surprise (I still need to do a post for last week’s theme of sheer!). For those of you new to Five Take, it’s a challenge where five of us bloggers take on a theme, trend, or item to show how we individually interpret it. This week’s them is fluorescent colored items, and from reading my fellow five-taker’s posts, they weren’t exactly jumping out of their seats to try the trend. Even though I picked the theme, I felt the same way–which is why I put it on the list for us to do. I’ve had a couple fluorescent items sulking away in my closet, so I figured this was a good way to push myself into wearing it.

Most days I try to dress with what I’m going to be doing in mind, but yesterday I dressed with Five Take in mind–kind of a mistake! I was heading out to go to “Farmer’s Day” at a small town near my sister’s. Farmer’s day was a small street festival with local vendors, a farmer’s market with locally grown food, and entertainment from local dance schools, etc. So, me, in July, in a bright, fluoro sweater (what was I thinking), walking around “Farmer’s Day” in a small town out in the country. It provided a good amount of laughs, 1 compliment, and allowed me to function as the beacon of light for when someone became lost from the group.

I wore it with my hair up and white sandals, but changed the outfit some when I got home. Here’s the edited version:

Since it was hot out, I really couldn’t imagine adding any type of layer over the sweater, although I’d definitely like that come fall/winter. The sweater is from ASOS, and it’s actually pretty thin for a sweater. I love the cut and sleeve length, and hopefully they will bring it out in more colors in the fall. Since my top was so bright, I kept it simple with rolled up skinny jeans and black and silver accessories.

Although you can’t see it well, I had added a silver, flower head band. The elastic that connected the headband was broken, but I figured out that I could use bobby pins to keep it in place. Definitely something to keep in mind if you buy them from ASOS, which is where I got this one (and I know most of them are made with the elastic).

The jeans are my favorite City Chic jeans.. I seriously own about 8 pairs of these jeans. They tend to fade after 3-4 months (which is decent considering how often I wear the style), so I buy a couple new pairs every few months. I will cry the day these are taken off the website.

ASOS Curve Sweater, City Chic Jeans, Urban Outfitters heels (similar), ASOS headband

So I’ll completely admit that this sweater is a little bright. Too much? I don’t know. I’d like to wear it again with more of it broken up with a statement necklace or under some type of jacket/blazer.

Like fluoro in smaller doses? Here’s some pieces that caught my eye:

Cambridge Satchel Co. Fluoro bag

Rocks Paper Metal for BaubleBar necklace

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What do you think about fluorescents? How would you wear them?