In the first year of my blog, I often wrote “Five Lessons Learned, Five Favorite Things” which was a blog series that I borrowed from Amelia Pontes. In the last few months, I’ve gotten increasingly narrow in the type of posts I write, so hopefully I will start opening it up more and sharing things that are inspiring me and/or enjoying rather than just outfit posts.

So here’s my five favorite things in the past couple of weeks 🙂

1. The Glee Project! So here’s my dork flag flying, last summer I watched The Glee Project and absolutely fell in love with the show. Something about watching really talented young people try new things and work towards a dream job gets me excited, and I always like watching shows about people who have skills I do not possess (like singing and ballet shows!). Here’s one of my favorite performances this season from Nellie, who unfortunately is no longer on the show 😦

2. Stumbling upon a really good sale. I don’t normally visit because usually everything I want is WAY out of my price range, but for some reason I headed over there yesterday and found some great handbags. I’m glad I acted fast because both styles are already sold out. Here’s what I picked up:

Stone messenger handbag for $20!

Floral handbag for $10!

3. Planning a “professional” wardrobe. Now that I’ve got a “big girl” job, I’ve been having fun pinning items that I’d love to wear to teach in. I think it’s kind of a difficult line to hold when you’re going into teaching adults at age 24. I want to show my youth and yet not be defined by my youth. Something to keep in mind is that I never felt like I had a “fashion identity” (or even wanted to create one) until 2 years ago, so how will the changes in my life change that identity? I’m interested in exploring that 🙂

4. Margarita Mondays with my coworkers. Over the summer I’ve been working at my family’s business writing instructional manuals (fun, fun ;)). I’ve worked there on and off since I was 14, and many of the people working there have been there since I was a baby! Sometimes working there can make me feel like an outsider. I’m a coworker, but I’m also the boss’ daughter. They know I’m temporary, so I’m often not pulled in to long term plans they are making, etc. This past week, I was invited out to celebrate a coworker’s birthday with a round of margaritas. I had a lot of fun getting to know these people I’ve known for years outside of the office, and it reminded me that I needed to be more active in showing that I want relationships with them.

5. Lots of wonderful blog posts from interesting, smart, creative women. I’ve been lucky to find blogs and bloggers that I really enjoy getting to know and reading. Here are a few of my favorite posts from the last couple of weeks:

Dani at DIY Fatshion and her colorful purse

Natalie at Extra Large as Life and her closing doors and opening up new ones

Georgette at Grown and Curvy Woman looking gorgeous in a peplum top and animal print

Valerie at Blog to Be Alive channeling the sun

and my absolute favorite:

Sarah at Return To Sender writing about preserves, her muu muu for eating, and sinks (hil-ar-ious!)

What have you been enjoying this week?