Hellllooooo long lost blogging friends! I’ve missed writing and reading blogs and talking with all of you about fashion and body acceptance. I have no idea how regularly I’ll be back to it all, but I’m hoping to start making strides in returning. I definitely felt the loss of not being around such body positive people lately. It’s interesting how easily all the old baggage can creep back into your mindset, especially when you’re in a new situation that already throws you a little off of your confidence. My new job is going pretty well. I’m experiencing the doubts that any new teacher would experience, but it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve been inspired by what my students are writing and thinking. That said, I’ve definitely lost myself in the mountain of work, so I’m going to try better to balance out my life with the things that fulfill me beyond my job. After all, a writing teacher needs to write, right? (In my absence, I’ve also grown increasingly nerdier than before. You’ve been warned.)

My family decorated the house for Halloween today, so I decided that Lola needed to wear her Halloween costume in celebration. Something about seeing her in her cute-as-a-button pumpkin costume made me inspired to create my own Halloween outfit, one that I could wear to teach in and not be “too” Halloween and costume-y.


I’ve had this dress from ASOS for a couple weeks, and the lace at the top reminds me of spider webs so it all felt perfect my Halloween inspired outfit. The dress is quite thin, so I had to wear an under dress and tights. Something to keep in mind if you’re buying it for the fall/winter season. I love the lace top though. I don’t have very strong shoulders, but it still fit me appropriately. I loved that the lace portion still allows for modesty, which is a must for teaching clothes.

As much as I love my dress, the real stand out is Lola. Isn’t she adorable? She cracks me up because she doesn’t seem to be bothered at all by her costume. We played ball outside and she took a nap in it. Lucky for her, I’m too poor to buy her a bunch of dog clothes, so she’ll only get this kind of fun around Halloween.


ASOS Dress, We Love Colors tights, Inspire Wedges, ASOS belt

I don’t have plans for Halloween besides teaching classes (I feel old), but I do have a bonfire to attend the weekend before.

What are your plans? I’d love to hear what you plan to wear costume-wise or just inspired like mine here.

Oh! During my absence I was featured on Evans’ site. I love working with Evans, and they always let me dress my shape however I choose. I love that they are putting their customers in contact with different bloggers of various shapes and bloggers, and I’m very thankful that they included me!