It’s been awhile since my last post, and I realize that I’m quickly becoming one of those bloggers who plans out posts, takes pictures, and never seems to make it to the keyboard and type it out. Since last time, my 2 year blog birthday flew by (woot!), I’ve officially taught in higher education for 12ish weeks, I’ve taken steps to make next semester a better workload for me to manage (I will only teach 2 days a week–now I can have another job!), and I’ve wavered up and down in my own personal body acceptance, which made me even more aware of my need to blog and read blogs. New situations always send me into an odd head space, where I’m excited but insecure and where I struggle to balance everything I want out of life. I do feel that now I am somewhat censored in what I can talk about, especially my daily life in teaching, which makes writing in such an open format slightly awkward in general. But anyways, blah, blah, blah, life will go on, and I will eventually find my balance and will start wearing outfit that make me feel great, and subsequent blog posts will appear. 🙂

I wanted to do a quick post of the outfit I wore on election day. I didn’t realize that it was slightly patriotic with stars and red, but found it funny how much I matched the day afterward.

Yes, it is that dark outside when I leave for work. Perks of living an hour away?! This early wake-up call has also pushed me to master a ponytail — probably not the best look ever, but please lie to me so I can continue to sleep in for 20 extra minutes.


I love this sheer blouse from Torrid. It has the dip hem with a longer back than front, but for once the front is long enough for me! Usually those tops are too short in the front for my long torso. Blazer is Eloquii from awhile ago. I love their clothes, but it’s all a little too small on me. I’ve noticed that in teaching, my clothing dilemma is that I get very warm while I teach. I’m up. I’m down. I’m talking. I’m nervous. This all = layers as a bad thing, which is making all of my outfits super boring.


Torrid Blouse, Eloquii Blazer, City Chic Jeans, New Look Wedges

How have you been? How do you handle transitional wardrobes/dressing for work?

I’m kinda lost. Can you tell? 🙂