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It’s been awhile since my last post, and I realize that I’m quickly becoming one of those bloggers who plans out posts, takes pictures, and…


It’s been awhile since my last post, and I realize that I’m quickly becoming one of those bloggers who plans out posts, takes pictures, and never seems to make it to the keyboard and type it out. Since last time, my 2 year blog birthday flew by (woot!), I’ve officially taught in higher education for 12ish weeks, I’ve taken steps to make next semester a better workload for me to manage (I will only teach 2 days a week–now I can have another job!), and I’ve wavered up and down in my own personal body acceptance, which made me even more aware of my need to blog and read blogs. New situations always send me into an odd head space, where I’m excited but insecure and where I struggle to balance everything I want out of life. I do feel that now I am somewhat censored in what I can talk about, especially my daily life in teaching, which makes writing in such an open format slightly awkward in general. But anyways, blah, blah, blah, life will go on, and I will eventually find my balance and will start wearing outfit that make me feel great, and subsequent blog posts will appear. 🙂

I wanted to do a quick post of the outfit I wore on election day. I didn’t realize that it was slightly patriotic with stars and red, but found it funny how much I matched the day afterward.

Yes, it is that dark outside when I leave for work. Perks of living an hour away?! This early wake-up call has also pushed me to master a ponytail — probably not the best look ever, but please lie to me so I can continue to sleep in for 20 extra minutes.


I love this sheer blouse from Torrid. It has the dip hem with a longer back than front, but for once the front is long enough for me! Usually those tops are too short in the front for my long torso. Blazer is Eloquii from awhile ago. I love their clothes, but it’s all a little too small on me. I’ve noticed that in teaching, my clothing dilemma is that I get very warm while I teach. I’m up. I’m down. I’m talking. I’m nervous. This all = layers as a bad thing, which is making all of my outfits super boring.


Torrid Blouse, Eloquii Blazer, City Chic Jeans, New Look Wedges

How have you been? How do you handle transitional wardrobes/dressing for work?

I’m kinda lost. Can you tell? 🙂



  1. I like eloquii, too, but find their clothes on the smaller side. I’m a teacher and suffer from the climate dilemma, too! I usually stick with 3/4 sleeves and I rarely wear heavy sweaters. No high necks, either. I also found a great sweater hoodie- it’s nicer than a sweatshirt!

    1. Yes, 3/4th sleeves are my jam when it comes to teaching clothes! If Eloquii would extend their sizes to a 28, I’d be in professional clothing heaven. I’ve found some good things from Macy’s and Old Navy’s Women’s Tall section fits me well, but still.. very, very boring clothes mostly.

  2. I just started teaching at the University, and I had the same problem with getting SUPER WARM while lecturing. It’s crazy! I just make sure I have layers that can come off and I often take my jacket or sweater off before class (don’t want a wardrobe malfunction in front of the students!) and make sure I have something short sleeved on underneath. It’s a pain, though.

    1. It really is a pain. Glad I’m not the only one though! I think once I find some light weight jackets, I’ll be okay. Just disappointed that I bought a bunch of blazers only to take them off the second I get in the classroom haha 🙂

  3. Aaaaw, hun! I’m so sorry you’re feeling a little lost. When life starts building up (and omg, you’re starting your career!!) I find that it’s really hard to maintain a positive body image. I’ve been there, and I really do sympathize.
    As for the style, you’ve gotta dress for being comfortable when you teach, so if that means simpler outfits, more power to you. You really do make it work. I love the ponytail, the outfit, your makeup! 20 extra minutes of sleep are precious. TAKE THEM.
    Also, that shirt!!! I may need to buy it. Can I just say #longtorsoproblems ?

    1. Yeah, at this point I know myself enough to say that “with time, this feeling will pass”. I always stress at the beginnings and endings of things. I like the comfy middle part, even though beginnings and endings are exciting. Thanks for your awesome comment 🙂

  4. I think you look very scholarly and pretty at the same time! I have to have a work wardrobe, which is signifigantly larger than my casual wardrobe. And then I just find the pieces I like the most and wear then every which way. You will figure it out lady. I think you already have! Stop doubting yourself. Look at what you are doing!! I am in awe of you!!

  5. So glad you’re back! I love this look on you!! I agree, teaching can really do a number on your body image/self esteem. I’d love to hear more about that, but I understand it is a tricky topic to blog about. I hope you continue on a positive path while you adjust to new responsibilities, and all that comes with them. 🙂

  6. This is a great outfit post. So glad to see you back and posting, and hope you’ll keep it up. 🙂



  7. I’m actually experiencing the opposite. I’m moving out of state and went from being a full-time high school teacher to now teaching two classes online and working from home. All I have are work clothes! So I’m trying to build my casual closet so I’m not wearing pajamas and looking like a bum at home all day.

    It’s hilarious hearing all of these teachers say they experienced the “heat” thing because I thought I was the only one! I have pink, blotchy skin, so when I get hot or nervous I turn rashy and red. But I know what you mean about having to censor yourself now. I document different teaching strategies online, but I never mention experiences with particular students or say anything negative about the job. And I’m always mindful that a student or parent could be viewing what I post. I was really hesitant to start blogging at first, but I realized I needed to do it for my own sanity, to have an outlet outside of school, and it helps me to strike that balance between work and fun, something I’ve always struggled with.

    Keep on truckin’! It sounds like you’re in good company with readers who have been (or are still) going through the same things. 🙂

    1. Oh wow! That really is the opposite. I love myself some casual clothing, but I think any time you start dressing for a new situation can be tricky. If I worked only online, I’d be such a mess. When I’m casual at home, I’m reallllllllyyy casual. Reason #2132323 why I’m single.

  8. I am trying to get a job in higher education administration. One of my biggest issues is business coats. The one above looks comfortable and beautiful on you! I tend to feel “stuffed” into the jackets and then I get uncomfortable, leading to sweat… and down-spiraling from there, haha. Do you have recommendations on plus-size business jackets that don’t cost $70+?

      1. I do live in the states! I recently checked at Dress Barn and they only had fancy black business jackets for the upcoming holidays. I’ve purchased a few at Fashion Bug, but they are cut vary narrow in the chest, so it makes it hard. I’m going to check out that link… thank you! 🙂

  9. Love your outfit, and I think you face looks beautiful with the ponytail. I have a nasty hairline in the back and a weird widow’s peak (off-center) in the front so although I like ponytails, they are not becoming on me.

    I’m not teaching, but I work in a small office surrounded by file cabinets and while there is an air vent, no air (hot or cold) seems to come thru it. Most of the time I don’t mine, but if I’m back amongst the file cabinets filing away, I get really warm. So even if I wear a cardigan or blazer of some sort, I have to be sure that what I’m wearing underneath is appropriate for work. I cannot wear long sleeves unless very sheer so dressing for the fall thru spring is a real pain!

    But you look lovely and I really like that blouse too!

  10. I work with preschool kids so I throw on jeans and a tea shirt. I have to wear a smock and I have to clean with bleach so if I get any on me, my cloths are ruined. I have ruined a couple of nice tops like that. I have lots of really nice clothes that I never get to wear and I have gained so much weight that I can’t wear them. I think we all go thru body image problems. But I believe I would be healthier if I lost weight. This causes a big shift with mindset and commitments. It is a long battle that never really ends. There is no easy way. I love your outfit. It is so cute.I love the blouse. Congratulations on your career and your teaching. Your students better know just how lucky they are to have you.

    1. Thanks Denisa. I always feel bad for my hairstylists since they are always handling dye products and ruining their clothes. Luckily once I find what I want to wear, I’m mostly assured that it won’t be ruined by something i have to use for teaching.

  11. I, too, am someone who tends to get waaaay too hot while I am working, teaching, presenting, etc. As a result, my work wardrobe is full of dresses, skirts, and cardigans. Unfortunately, I look like Janet Reno or some kind of weird IRS agent playing dress up when I try to wear a jacket — so I generally stick with cardigans and have them in a rainbow of colors. Dresses are great because they’re one piece (I have a long torso too and am always paranoid that my shirts will ride up and become midriff tops!) and no-fuss. Also, I find that adding tights and a cardigan can help me take something from spring or summer into fall or winter, which is a bonus when you don’t have a lot to wear to work. Good luck! Glad to see you back.

  12. I just ordered that blazer from Eloquii – can’t wait! I think you totally nailed the cute/professional look. I struggle with the same thing. I work at a nonprofit in development, so I have a little more freedom to be funky and fun…especially when hanging around awesome high schoolers all day. 😉

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