OOTD: New York Nostalgia

Ever since I attended Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC, I’ve been uninspired by my wardrobe and clothing in general. Maybe I was so heavy…


Ever since I attended Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC, I’ve been uninspired by my wardrobe and clothing in general. Maybe I was so heavy into fashion and the clothing I wore that week that everything else felt pale in comparison? Whatever that lapse was from, I’m finally starting to get back into trying new things, and I figured I’d do that through a nod to NYC.

I wore this outfit out for a day catching up and shopping with 2 of my closest friends. We ate out on a restaurant’s patio and strolled around an outside shopping area, and this outfit was perfect for being fashionable but comfortable on-the-go.

I bought this top over the summer from Forever21 +sizes, and I had never worn it before today (a habit that I need to break!). As much as I loved the print (the Chrysler building is in there too), the sheerness of the top and its length made me not want to wear it. Also, I don’t often wear shirts with prints like this. Luckily, today I was feeling like wearing something outside of my usual look, and I ended up getting back that happy feeling I get when I wear something I love.

I paired the top with a black blazer from Torrid. I’ve also had this blazer sitting around for an embarrassing amount of time because I thought it was a long sleeve blazer. Here I was, complaining about being hot while teaching, when I had a blazer the would work for the classroom *facepalm*. At least I figured it out now!


Forever21 tank top, City Chic jeans, Torrid blazer, Urban Outfitters shoes

While this tank is not really a “fashion risk” or me really putting my neck out there, it did allow me to try a new look¬†for me, and sometimes just a little bit of change can energize you to get back to the fun of fashion.

Have you been trying any new fashion looks/trends lately? How do you stay energized with your wardrobe?

Oh! I was also featured in Evans’ Bloggers For Your Shape Partywear feature. I absolutely¬†loved my Swan by Clements Ribeiro dress, but it deserves its own post by itself. Click the image below to read the feature and check out the other three bloggers’ looks.



  1. LOVE both ur OOTD AND your recognition in Evans! Really, when I look at the two pictures in that advert, I would rather see YOU in that dress, because it gives me a better idea of what it would look like on ME!

  2. Ive been heavily into the leopard print trend. It helps keeps my wardrobe fresh by pairing it with mustard yellow, red and orange. I can totally understand where you are coming from. I too had a style rut and was completely uninspired but now Ive got my mojo back. These periods of “fashion boredom” will come and go. I think everyone goes through these periods.

  3. I love the New York shirt and blazer. It is perfect with Jeans. Yeah for the Evans Blog and you look so wonderful in that black outfit! It is so nice to see full figured women in outfits.

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