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I’ve had a great past week with the celebration of Thanksgiving with my family, some quality shopping time with my oldest sister J, and some…


I’ve had a great past week with the celebration of Thanksgiving with my family, some quality shopping time with my oldest sister J, and some quality cleaning time with my other sister K. I’ve been feeling pretty run-down, but this week was a nice pick-me-up, and the time I spent with my sisters really helped pull me back into a positive perspective. I mean, who is lucky enough to have a sister that will organize a 2-months-in-the-making clothing pile and accessories mess? She untangled about 20 necklaces… 20!

I also got to spend my break reading many, many words from my students in essays, poems, journals, etc. Grading can be tiring, but it is also so inspiring to see students pushing their thoughts and abilities. I’ve also been prepping to teach some memoir stuff, so I’ve gotten to immerse myself in Sandra Cisneros, David Sedaris, and Marjane Satrapi. Could it get any better?

But anyway! I figured I would post my TWO Thanksgiving outfits. Our family is too large to have one big meal and then desserts, etc, so we tend to have dinner with just my immediate family and then head over to see aunts and cousins for desserts. As much as I love a dress, I got tired of it mid-way through the day and changed to something comfier for the latter party.


I decided to go for this ASOS Curve v-neck knit dress. It’s very comfortable with plenty of stretch and movement to remain comfortable for a long ride to family’s house. It has an exposed zipper in the back, which I forgot to photograph, but otherwise it is quite plain. I kept it simple with gold and black accessories and a black moto jacket with gold sequins and little paint blots (can’t think of any other way to describe it!).


ASOS Curve Dress, Macy’s Jacket, Urban Outfitters heels, The Jewel Box bracelet, ASOS belt


I can’t often find long sleeve dresses where the sleeve is the appropriate length, so this dress made me excited. Also, the dress’ color is a little darker than the picture portrays it.

For the desserts party, I through on something very, very casual. It ended up being perfect since they had a bonfire going, and a dress outside in winter-ish weather wouldn’t have been fun!


I’ve owned this scarf for 3-ish years, and I very rarely wear it because I couldn’t figure out how to get the proportions right on me. I kept trying to wrap it multiple times over my neck, and then I’d get mad that it wasn’t long enough. I don’t know what magically changed, but I finally figured out how to wear it, and now I will probably never take it off. I wore it with a cream cable knit sweater from Old Navy, the Torrid Stiletto zip jeans, and Urban Outfitters flats.


Old Navy Sweater, Torrid Stiletto Jeans, Urban Outfitters shoes


The shoes bow out slightly when I wear them, but I’m so in love with the design that I really couldn’t care. If you can’t see the picture well, it has little shell designs that overlap one another.

Overall, I had a great Thanksgiving that allowed me to recharge and get into a very positive mindset for the remainder of the semester. I did forget the cranberry sauce for dinner, but we are all allowed a couple “slips of the mind” during the holidays, right? I hope you had a great week as well, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not 🙂


  1. You look fantastic! I love both your outfits–especially the teal flats.

    I wish you modeled for ASOS Curve! I was looking at that dress on the website, but it looked a bit short on the model. I like my dresses and skirts to hit a little below the knee. Now that I see the dress on you, it makes me want to buy it!

  2. What a fantastic! holiday you had — and what a terrific job you do! – thank you for sharing it with all of us!!! I have to say, you continue to be my inspiration – when I run out for errands, I should be looking like you in your desserts picture, instead of the sluffy way I have been looking … something to aspire to!

  3. I was thinking the same thing Wy! It would be so awesome to see you modeling the ASOS Curve line! I love your sense of fashion and how everything looks so effortlessly chic on you. 🙂

    This break was so wonderful for me as well. I’m really glad I got the opportunity to relax, enjoy good food and greater company, and for the most part unwind. It was very much needed.

    Hope everyone enjoyed themselves as well! 🙂

  4. It sounds like a wonderful holiday. I love that color of dress on you and I love the jacket! I always see scarves and they are so cool. They add a touch of “umph” to an outfit. You can get a little book or even a video on how to tie them or just wrap them. I love the second outfit as well.

  5. You had me at moto jacket. as always you look fabulous. Both outfits are beautiful but that dress and jacket are of course my favorite.

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