This past weekend my family went to a German restaurant to celebrate my oldest sister’s birthday. That morning, my Evans’ order arrived, so it felt like fate that I was supposed to wear my new purchases out, even though I was a little worried that I’d be overdressed. I often overdress for a night out with my family because most North Carolinian’s are pretty laid back and casual in their dress. Luckily for me, everyone seemed to have dressed up a bit so I didn’t feel too glitzy. My brother even put on his special plain-gray “Holiday” sweater (his only piece of clothing without a hole in it).


I fell in love with this Evans Collection top pretty much instantly. It has the perfect weight of fabric, and I am into high necklines lately. The fabric is really beautiful with tiny diamond shapes of metallic thread.


It has a line in the fabric where I put the belt because it is a peplum top, but I added a belt to enhance the shape since a peplum tends to not look very peplum-y on me.


I may have gone a little metallics overload with the necklace and the bracelet. I think next time I wear this I’m going to go with bright , rich colors like an electric blue or deep red jewelry. The shirt is not actually as overwhelming in shine like these pictures make it seem. Below is a slightly blurry non-flash picture that shows what the top looks like to your eye.


I had ordered some other items from the Evans Collection that I am returning because of fit issues, but this piece really stood out in terms of quality and design. I’m sure I’ll be wearing this all throughout this holiday season.

Evans Collection Silver Peplum, Evans Indigo Jeans, Target heels (last year), Accessories from Nordstrom and (last year)

The birthday party was a lot of fun. I had my first taste of German food and ate some delicious Black Forest cake (yum!), and we made sure to fill the restaurant up with a lot of laughs. I already have other outfits lined up for parties in the next couple weeks. I love this time of the year:)

What do you think: Metallic overload or just enough?