North Carolina has always been a place with unstable winters. One day you need a heavy coat and the next you’re shedding layers and wearing tank tops. Today was one of those days where the outside was kind of cool but the inside of stores and restaurants had the heat blowing like it was real winter weather. I tend to be someone who runs hot anyways, so I always try to figure out how to wear a winter-ish outfit without a lot of bulk, and my new leather vest that I purchased during Black Friday sales at Eloquii helped me out perfectly.


I don’t often wear vests. I think I bought one last year that was lace, but I always feel kind of odd about them once I start pairing them with things. Luckily, I can send out SOS tweets to friends and get feedback within 5 minutes, and those who responded told me to go with it. I ended up really enjoying wearing it with this sheer blouse underneath. It was the perfect amount of layers, and the moto jacket style made me feel a little more edgier than I typically go.

The only thing that annoyed me while wearing it was that it had a habit of slipping off to the sides. Anyone know of a trick in getting a vest to stay in place?



Eloquii Sleeveless Moto Jacket, Torrid Sheer Blouse, City Chic Jeans, Torrid Booties, Forever21 Necklace

As I keep trying to rework it into my wardrobe, I want to try not as conventional of pairings with it.

How have you worn a sleeveless jacket/vest like this? What would you pair it with? Let me know in the comments 🙂