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With New Years Eve coming up, I’ve been looking at a lot of dresses lately in anticipation of a night out. After seeing a couple…


With New Years Eve coming up, I’ve been looking at a lot of dresses lately in anticipation of a night out. After seeing a couple bloggers do a party dress challenge, I headed over to check out the plus size dresses by Simply Be to find a NYE look (check out Bethany and Hanna‘s looks by clicking on their names!). I have had some great finds with Simply Be and some pieces that ended up being too short on me, so I tend to look for dresses that are knee length or longer when ordering. Here are my favorite looks for NYE:



I have to admit that I always go a little glitter/bead/shiny-things crazy around the holidays. I really like the beading on this Rise Rosalie Beaded Dress, and it seems perfect if you are going to a party where you need to stay cool while dancing and having a fun time.



If you want sleeves for your NYE dress, this Changes Boutique Bead Cuff Dress is perfect. The billow sleeves against the more form fitting bust/v-neck is really pretty. If I wanted to get a dress that I’d feel 100% comfortable in all night, this one would be my pick.



I’m not sure that I would go for full-length on NYE for myself, but I do like this V-Neck Glitter Jersey Maxi. It is super sexy, and you can wear it belted or free flowing like the model. It’s a simple design, but the glitter fabric brings luxury and fun to your look.

Have you been thinking about what to wear on NYE? What’s your NYE style (beading, glitter, leather, etc)?

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  1. I should stop looking at blogs! I cannot shop now as there will be sales in a few weeks. so, looking at these gorgoeus pieces is frustrating!!!!
    great choice anyway 🙂

  2. I bought a sequiny top for NYE but ultimately returned it because I decided I’d probably never wear it again & that the $40 was better off in my bank account. But now… what to wear?!

  3. These dresses are so cute. These models are about size 12 or 14 so you can’t really tell what they will look like on a plus size woman. Sometimes I really wonder “what are they thinking?” Why not get a real plus size model to model plus size clothes? I know some lines do and I appreciate it. We are here to stay so they had better get used to it. I do have to say that there are those designers out there who do do a good job.

  4. I love dressing up in lace, beads, and sequins for NYE. I feel like I can get away with flashier, more formal clothes when I’m ringing in the New Year out in public. This year, however, I think my husband and I are staying in. We’re going to buy some gourmet foods (we’re thinking oysters, foie gras, lobster, who knows…), dress up, and spend the night in dining and dancing. It’s an excuse to wear my Naomi gown, a pink and black lace sequined dress from IGIGI. I don’t necessarily need to be seen in it every time I wear it; I just love wearing it.

    I’ve considered purchasing a few sequin items from Lane Bryant, but I’m really annoyed that they only have sequins on the front. An all-over sequin gown or top from the front, and a bare, clingly knit from the back? No thanks! I’d rather pay for the extra sequins in cash and itchiness.

  5. So I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and I was on Twitter and saw your link to this post. I have been searching the internet worlds from tip to bottom looking for an inexpensive and plus size beaded/flapper style dress to wear to a Roaring 20s party. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Rise Rosalie! It was perfect. So I immediately got on my laptop and ordered it. Thank you so much!!!

    Katie- Hems For Her

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