I was kind of wavering on whether I wanted to go out on New Year’s Eve or not, and I finally decided to go be social. I am meeting some friends for a late dinner at a somewhat casual restaurant then we are heading to a bar in Charlotte. Last year, a lot of people were wearing cocktail dresses, but there were also plenty of people wearing jeans (including me!). I went to a couple stores today and there were barely any dresses in stock, which was really surprising. That said, I dug through my closet and pulled out some possible choices, but now I need YOU to help me pick my central piece. Since it’s possible that we only go to a casual place, I’m not sure whether the dresses will be too fancy or if I should just throw caution to the wind and go with the dressiest piece. Below are three dresses (with my head cut off because I look atrocious today), and then a couple pictures of “outfits from the past” that I could change up a bit and wear out.









Which do you think is the best look for a NYE outfit?

Feel free to leave tips on how you’d accessorize your outfit choice:)