I spent the day responding to student work in a coffee shop. A few hours into working, it began to snow big, fluffy flakes, so I moved to the front table to get the best view. I listened to Rihanna’s song “Stay” about 35 times (I couldn’t help it), all while trying to ignore the notifications for new Ruzzle games I could play. I ended the day by having dinner with a couple family members at a small Italian restaurant. We laughed, talked about dogs, and I got scolded “advice” on what to do with my career. After 2 rough (sick) weeks, I’m thankful for a low key day and the small things.




ASOS Curve Jacket, Lane Bryant top, Old Navy zip chinos skinnies, House of Harlow earrings, The Jewel Box chain bracelet, New Look heels

By the way, today’s outfit post is one of those posts that I’ve started, stopped, and deleted about 10 times because it’s featuring an outfit that is triggering my insecurity. It’s kind of a boring outfit in the grand scheme of things, but I’m wearing some items and shapes that I’m not that used to (long jacket, peplum jacket, chinos skinnies). I found it odd that after 2+ years of blogging, my gut reaction is to let the pictures die in the deep, dark corners of my virtual files, so here I am putting them out there since I know that I’m being my own worst enemy about them.

The funny thing is that I felt really good wearing the items, like the kind of good that makes you walk a little lighter and freer the rest of the day, but ultimately I came home, looked at the pictures like I always do, and the inner critic came out. Looking at pictures of myself is a practice I’m used to, and one that has allowed me to know my body more than anyone else. And yet, there are still times where I struggle to accept it, especially when I’m trying new styles. Do you ever go through the same thing? How do you deal with it?