OOTD: Layered Neutrals

I spent the day responding to student work in a coffee shop. A few hours into working, it began to snow big, fluffy flakes, so…


I spent the day responding to student work in a coffee shop. A few hours into working, it began to snow big, fluffy flakes, so I moved to the front table to get the best view. I listened to Rihanna’s song “Stay” about 35 times (I couldn’t help it), all while trying to ignore the notifications for new Ruzzle games I could play. I ended the day by having dinner with a couple family members at a small Italian restaurant. We laughed, talked about dogs, and I got scolded “advice” on what to do with my career. After 2 rough (sick) weeks, I’m thankful for a low key day and the small things.




ASOS Curve Jacket, Lane Bryant top, Old Navy zip chinos skinnies, House of Harlow earrings, The Jewel Box chain bracelet, New Look heels

By the way, today’s outfit post is one of those posts that I’ve started, stopped, and deleted about 10 times because it’s featuring an outfit that is triggering my insecurity. It’s kind of a boring outfit in the grand scheme of things, but I’m wearing some items and shapes that I’m not that used to (long jacket, peplum jacket, chinos skinnies). I found it odd that after 2+ years of blogging, my gut reaction is to let the pictures die in the deep, dark corners of my virtual files, so here I am putting them out there since I know that I’m being my own worst enemy about them.

The funny thing is that I felt really good wearing the items, like the kind of good that makes you walk a little lighter and freer the rest of the day, but ultimately I came home, looked at the pictures like I always do, and the inner critic came out. Looking at pictures of myself is a practice I’m used to, and one that has allowed me to know my body more than anyone else. And yet, there are still times where I struggle to accept it, especially when I’m trying new styles. Do you ever go through the same thing? How do you deal with it?



  1. Well, I just looked at your outfit and said, ‘That’s nice’.
    Your lapse in confidence doesn’t show in your v. lovely and natural pics x

  2. I think that jacket looks awesome on you. I can’t say I love that particular belt but the proportions are great. You look taller to me!

  3. I love your outfit. I often look in the mirror and think “Really?” And then a relative or some kind of stranger loves it. My insecurities are my worst enemies. But it got better with reading blogs like yours!
    I absolutely have to bye the jacket!
    Greetings from Germany!

  4. This jacket!!!! It is so cute on you!!! The voice in the mirrors are the worst, still battling those.. One thing that has tremendously helped me was your advice about shopping online, and another thing I have started doing just recently is when I take ootd pictures, I immediately post them and a blog so there’s no turning back. The outfits I’ve tried outside of my comfort zone have made me feel amazing and I don’t give myself time to analyze the negative.

  5. The jacket and belt with the first outfit is impeckable. I know how you feel about second guessing yourself and not feeling comfortable about something because it is not comfortable. I applaud you for your growth. The great thing about life is that we continue to grow and learn and do new things and are able to start over new every day. Good luck with your students. You are making the right choices for you. Deep inside you know what will make you happy. Our family just wants the best for us and it is a very thin line we have to endure and grit our teeth between advice and just plain nosiness. Whenever I hear things that make me upset from friends giving me unsolicited advice I just ignore it and think of other things while they are running off at the mouth and I make resolutions to never just give unsolicited advice to anyone. They are not you. Only you can do anything about your life. Most of the time, if it is family, I am just rebellious enough to do the opposite. And I am a grown woman!

  6. Didn’t think, that such a “colorless” outfit can look so great on anybody. But you’d even look good in a potato sack. 😉

    Sometimes, when I get new clothes that are very different to my old “style” (just hiding) I miss the braveness to “rock it”. Then I struggle with myself too. It’s a long way, we have to go. And it is the way that counts, not the goal. Some of us didn’t reach it before they die (I think, I’m one of it). But this is life. Every step forward we make is a good step. And when we struggling and go one or two steps back, we should take a seat and review the last stage of our journey. And then do it like Cinderella. The bad ones in the trash, the good ones in your own “head museum”. 😉

    Head up! You are such a beautiful and wonderful person (anyway … that little view of your life, that you share with us shows me this woman) … and we all have bad days. Do yourself something good, when it happen. Accept these days at a part of yourself. That makes it better.

    And … god knows … I’ve gone not half the way that you left behind. But maybe, at one time … *dreaming*


  7. I think this outfit is flawless on you! I’d never guess you were feeling insecure about it at all.

    It takes a while to get used to different types of styles. We all usually stay safe and stepping out of the comfort zone is a big thing. I know I don’t do it as often as I should but i used pictures like yours as inspiration:)

  8. The layered neutrals are beautiful! I know what you mean, though, about triggered insecurities. I think it’s something we all deal with.

    Now, you’ve reminded me I need to respond to student work. Gah! 😉

  9. At first I was in love with your jacket, but I love the shirt/pants combo even more!

    I totally know what you’re talking about- sometimes I feel fantastic in an outfit and then look at pictures later and second guess myself. I think it’s just human nature to pick yourself apart, for whatever reason- but I truly think you look gorgeous in this outfit and I hope to steal the look soon :).

  10. First I want to say glad you are feeling better! Phew. It’s not fun being sick.

    I have to say I really like the: classic, basic, simple look. It is a great foundation when you are building your clothing collection. It’s not loud but a gentle statement. I really love it!

  11. Hey girl:) first off I would like to start off by saying that you look gorgeous! Love that outfit on you, jacket n all. I’m 29, 5’2″ and 227 lbs, a size 2xl top and 16/18 bottom. I often feel the way you say you do, especially when trying on new styles. I can be really cruel with myself at times and I deal with it by changing into a less attractive and much less flattering outfit. And then I’m angry with myself for not allowing me to really express myself and my inner fashionista. I’m still trying to fully accept my body but at times I can be a bit conceited, I can look at myself in a mirror and think “damn I look good!” wish everyday was like that but unfortunately they’re not.

  12. Before I read your post I was thinking how fab your outfit is… Sucks that your self critic came out but you look fantastic. Love it.

  13. I love these neutral colors on you, Rebecca. The cream with the dark olive is just lovely! You’re absolutely beautiful. I kind of (scratch that, definitely) want to buy everything you have on in this post.

    I’ve spent 3 years being varying degrees of active in the FA community, and I still find it hard to accept certain parts of my body when looking back on pictures. My stomach and arms, in particular. It’s not always, but seems to crop up a lot after a night of feeling super confident, looking at the pictures the next day and thinking “I looked like that?! I thought I was hot shit…” Inner critics are a bitch.

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