Yesterday was the first day in a long, long time that I felt good and had plans to see friends, so I wanted to make sure and take on the day in style. That afternoon I was meeting one of my closest friends for a little window shopping and a manicure, so I took my cue from the beautiful warm weather and took off in comfortable & chic Kiyonna wrap dress. I had been holding on to the dress for weeks after receiving it as part of my subscription to Gwynnie Bee, and for some reason I didn’t like it on me a couple weeks ago but put it on yesterday and fell back in love. Funny how that can happen sometimes.


This dress is Kiyonna’s Winona Hi-Lo Wrap dress, and I love the color and cut of the top of the dress. I would like it a little better if the dress was not hi-lo, but that’s because I’m 5’4″, and hi-lo tends to almost hit the floor on me. You can’t see the back from this picture, but the hem probably dips about 6-8 inches lower than the front. You know it’s a good dress when you get compliments from strangers, so this dress is going on my “Must Buy” list since I’ll eventually return it to Gwynnie Bee for a new item (P.S. Definitely look into their service. It’s nice if you like to try new items but do not want to buy new items all of the time).

Later that day I was attending a wedding for one of my friends from college, so I chose a Kiyonna dress to wear again. It was definitely outside of my comfort zone because it was much more body hugging than I typically go, but I went for it anyway and really loved wearing it. Unfortunately, I’m a crap blogger and forgot to take a picture. Luckily, I did pose for one picture with some friends, so you can get a slight idea of what it looked like on me.



This is the Danika Draped Dress, and I like the cut so much that I’ve been contemplating getting the pink version too. Since I bought the dress on sale, they were already out of some sizes (including mine), so I sized down one. I definitely would go back to my normal size if I buy the pink one, so if you purchase this, follow the size chart to pick your size.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring-time day, and it brought me back to being excited about fashion. I love that these Kiyonna dresses saw me through both a casual and formal event, all while being so comfortable and put together.

What are your favorite spring time looks for casual and formal events?

*I was not compensated in any way by Kiyonna or Gwynnie Bee. I just happened to wear both dresses on the same day, so I decided to feature Kiyonna in this post :).