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There’s a lot of good things floating around the internet this week. Here’s a few that you should check out: 1. The Clements Ribeiro Swan…


There’s a lot of good things floating around the internet this week. Here’s a few that you should check out:

1. The Clements Ribeiro Swan SS13 collection will land on Evans.co.uk (and hopefully the USA site) on March 14th, and Evans asked a few bloggers to model the line. These girls look AMAZING, and I am so thrilled to see a collaboration like this taking place. Check out Marie, Callie, Nicolette, Georgina, and Bethany‘s personal blogs to check out their individual styles.

2. On top of that good fashion news, I also learned that Gabi Gregg of Gabifresh.com collaborated with SwimsuitsForAll.com on a swimsuit line (out May 15th), AND indie designer Ashley Nell Tipton is releasing her collection for purchase on her site AshleyNellTipton.com mid-May.

Gabi in the galaxy print bikini


Ashley Nell Tipton’s Release Photo


3. There’s also other good things floating around that won’t make your wallet scream out in pain. Gabi Gregg (yes, I’m still talking about her) wrote a piece for rookiemag.com responding to readers who felt like they couldn’t dress the way they wanted to due to family, society, “rules”, feeling the need to blend in, etc. The entry is titled: Because You Can: Make ‘Em Look.

Chasity of Garner Style also wrote a response piece, but this time it was to those who write hateful comments about her body. I have to admit that her piece was pretty timely for me. I’ve been struggling to deal with getting a lot of hate traffic from random forums where they are putting down myself AND all the girls I put on my 20 bloggers at 24+ post. It’s upsetting to think that not only am I getting mean notes, but that I’ve also opened up these other bloggers to these people. But as Chasity says in her post, “Now in the words of Beyonce, ‘I love haters.’ You need them.  They get the crowd going.  In the last few days, I’ve gotten so much traffic just from their rants and raves on my weight.  That works wonderfully, because through their rants and raves women who needed that encouragement to love themselves find my blog and other plus size fashion blogs.  Anytime I can help someone accept themselves, I’m all for that.” [emphasis added]

4. Reconnecting with my blogging/twitter friends. I haven’t had the most time in the world to devote to this space, so it’s been nice as the semester comes to a close to pick back up in the conversations on twitter or email. I miss these ladies, and I always feel more inspired after talking with them.

What are some of your favorite things? Any links that I should check out?


  1. It blows my mind that there are people who hate other people’s bodies SO MUCH that they troll the Internet looking for folks to say horrible, horrible things to. I’m so sorry you’re on the receiving end of their own self-hate manifested outward. Keep on being you, doing what you do, loving yourself, etc. Don’t let these sad little assholes drag you into their spiral of shame & self-loathing.

  2. I’m pretty excited about Gabi Greggs swimsuits & Ashley Nell Tiptons stuff as well! Thanks for the update about Evans and Rookie Mag. Its great that something good can come out of something so hateful

  3. It seems pretty standard for social media to have those who comment to folks with beliefs and opinions that are different from their own. These people are just nasty. I have been hooked into responding back but then they just get nastier, I think that being anynomus is the key to these haters. I think people who are so critical of big women are just afraid that they are one donut away from it, They are afraid that they will overeat and become fat, They hate people who are different from them. Well, I’ll tell you honey, there are a lot more of us out there than there are a lot of you. Shame on them. They think that if you just stop eating and jog, that is the answer. Well it isn’t! (Oh no! I got on my soap box again)

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