A couple weeks ago I shared two different Kiyonna dresses that I wore in one day, and lucky for me I get to now share a third! Kiyonna contacted me to see if I would like to try a piece of their line as part of their Blogger Brigade series. If you look at Kiyonna‘s website, they always have pictures of various women wearing their clothing, which I find really helpful in deciding if the item would work for me or even how to style the item.


Blogger Brigade: Hailey from Discourse of a Divine Diva

When they asked me what item to get, I knew I wanted to try one of the maxi dress styles. I love how maxi dresses look dressed up with minimal effort, and the details that Kiyonna puts into their dresses really allow you to dress it up or keep it casual. I chose the Desert Rain Maxi in black, and I accented the piece with silver and turquoise accessories.


I will totally admit to wearing this dress 3 times in the past week and a half. When you work 2 different jobs, you can get away with repeating an outfit often ;). If you decide to purchase this dress, I recommend sizing it to your top size, as the hips do have extra room if you are a larger pant size than top size. I’ve been a loyal Kiyonna shopper for a long time (they’ve seen me through every wedding I’ve gone to in the past few years), so it was particularly sweet to get to try a piece for their Blogger Brigade. I love them even more for their size range, 10-32!

If you were to wear this maxi, how would you accessorize it? What do you think of their Blogger Brigade series? 

*Dress was provided courtesy of Kiyonna for their Blogger Brigade series