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A couple weeks ago I shared two different Kiyonna dresses that I wore in one day, and lucky for me I get to now share…


A couple weeks ago I shared two different Kiyonna dresses that I wore in one day, and lucky for me I get to now share a third! Kiyonna contacted me to see if I would like to try a piece of their line as part of their Blogger Brigade series. If you look at Kiyonna‘s website, they always have pictures of various women wearing their clothing, which I find really helpful in deciding if the item would work for me or even how to style the item.


Blogger Brigade: Hailey from Discourse of a Divine Diva

When they asked me what item to get, I knew I wanted to try one of the maxi dress styles. I love how maxi dresses look dressed up with minimal effort, and the details that Kiyonna puts into their dresses really allow you to dress it up or keep it casual. I chose the Desert Rain Maxi in black, and I accented the piece with silver and turquoise accessories.


I will totally admit to wearing this dress 3 times in the past week and a half. When you work 2 different jobs, you can get away with repeating an outfit often ;). If you decide to purchase this dress, I recommend sizing it to your top size, as the hips do have extra room if you are a larger pant size than top size. I’ve been a loyal Kiyonna shopper for a long time (they’ve seen me through every wedding I’ve gone to in the past few years), so it was particularly sweet to get to try a piece for their Blogger Brigade. I love them even more for their size range, 10-32!

If you were to wear this maxi, how would you accessorize it? What do you think of their Blogger Brigade series? 

*Dress was provided courtesy of Kiyonna for their Blogger Brigade series


  1. Oh I just love this dress! When I was a teenager, we had long dresses to the floor like this and we called them “granny dresses”. Certainly a step up from granny dress. Black is such a good color to choose. I would wear a silver necklace or one of those drop necklaces or tear drop necklaces that are so popular from itsy. You can choose just about any color in them and they are so inexpensive. I may try a turquise necklace to pull into the purse. You could do white or even a yellow or pink. I got a necklace from itsy that had turquise settings along with little rhinestones in it. It is gold. It would go very nicely with the dress. You could go with flats or boots or heels with this dress. You look so good in it. Wear it 3 times a week!

  2. Hi Rebecca, the otufit looks great on you! I love how it hugs your top body and giving it more curves, nice pick! If I were to wear this lovely dress, I would accessorize it with bangles of gold and earrings, Cleopatra-like. 🙂

    Twiter: @feastfulife

  3. Thanks for including me! 😀 It’s so cool to see my face on your blog because I have been a long-time reader.
    LOVE this dress on you. I have been wondering about the length of their maxi dresses. I forgot how tall you are. Did you have to wear heels or wedges with it?
    I think I usually go for a long necklace with a maxi, but I am loving your earrings!

  4. So awesome to see you as part of Kiyonna blogger brigade.
    I LOVE Kiyonna, but have only 2 of their dresses at this stage.
    This maxi looks amazing on you.

  5. I like it. It´s easier to imagine myself into the dress with the blogger brigade.
    Other idea : big bracelets or a brooch

  6. You look gorgeous! As usual 🙂 But seriously, that dress is amazing and you look fab. I’ve never tried anything from Kiyonna, but it looks like they have some really great dresses.

  7. Love this dress on you. And the comfort and good feeling you have while wearing it is reflected in your smile. Great choice of accesories too. I think accessories in coral or white would look great too!

  8. This dress met all of my expectations and then some. I loved the purple dress I chose; it was the exact shade that I expected and the fit was perfect. I’m extremely curvy, an hourglass shape, and most dresses don’t accommodate my super large chest, but this one did and other than having to put a bit of double sided tape for modesty purposes, the bust seams fit exactly where they were supposed to be. I love the comfort of this fabric too; it wasn’t too heavy and I didn’t find it too thin. The 3/4 sleeves were the perfect length and didn’t fit tight around my arms either. The small front pleating skims your tummy nicely so those who are a bit body conscious in the middle will be quite happy with the fit. The length of this dress was too long for me, but I expected that since I’m a short gal but tall girls would have no issues. Surprisingly, I initially purchased this dress for my baby shower. I was well into my second trimester and the front pleating really flattered my growing belly beautifully without me feeling like a Thanksgiving float. I ordered the dress in a size 2x, (I was an 18/20 pre-pregnancy) but I found that I could have gotten away with a 1x just fine because of the stretchiness of the fabric. This dress made me feel beautiful and all of my guests were surprised that this wasn’t a maternity dress! Since then, I’ve gone ahead and ordered another dress in a 1x in black and I loved the dress even more. A pair of Spanx and I’m good to go! I’ve worn it to weddings, parties, and casual dinners; or whenever I wanted to, changing the accessories as needed. This dress is really versatile that way, it goes from casual to elegant in a snap. Each and every time I wear this dress, I ALWAYS get compliments! I HIGHLY recommend the purchase of this dress. It’s well worth your money. It’s a beautiful and well-made garment. It’s classic and timeless design will last in your wardrobe for MANY years to come!

  9. I just bought this dress based on how great you look in it hehe. I LOVE that they put photos of you and the other bloggers. It really gives a proper sense of perspective and well, it sells. 🙂

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