Every Thursday my mom and I sit down for our ritual viewing of Project Runway. This show leads to a a lot of frantic internet searching for similar items to those displayed on the show, and one of the items that I’ve been coveting this season is a quality pattern-print blazer. Nina Garcia wore it in the Thunder Down Under episode, and you know it must be love-at-first-sight if I’m paying more attention to her blazer than super-buff guys.



Blazers are probably the hardest thing for me to buy because I’m a 24/26 top but with fuller arms, so I tend to not fit into blazers for stores who only sell sizes up to 22/24 (I’m looking at you ASOS). I had to pass on a lot of blazers, but decided to throw caution to the wind and get a blazer that might not fit from Eloquii. Eloquii is closing soon :(, but because of that they are having really good sales, so that helped a little bit in trying out risky sizing.


Lucky for me, the risk was worth it. This is Eloquii’s Navy Status Blazer, which has a floral and paisley-ish pattern. I could use an extra inch or so just about everywhere, but it is survivable ;). What I love about it, though, is its light weight material and causal vibe. Wearing it with a flowy blouse and dark jeans gives me a polished but casual look that will see me through teaching or going out with friends.


Am I completely satisfied in having found my Nina Garcia-esque blazer? No. I still want a very geometric pattern blazer, so if you see any in the 26-ish size range, send me a link! But I am able to finally stop my frenzied-searching, so thank goodness for that 😉 (And thank goodness that this season of Project Runway has ended – my wallet may now have a little rest)

One of those awkward gems you just have to share.
One of those awkward gems you just have to share.

Eloquii Blazer, Penningtons Blouse, Old Navy Jeans, New Look Wedges

Are you into patterned blazers? What types of prints/patterns do you look for (stripes, polka dots, florals, etc)?