FFFWeek Fashion Front and News Round-Up

So I apparently accidentally let the cat out of the bag early that I was part of the Fashion Front (oopsie), but now that it’s…


So I apparently accidentally let the cat out of the bag early that I was part of the Fashion Front (oopsie), but now that it’s been announced, I wanted to share who else was on the Fashion Front so that you may find some new blogs to follow now and through the FFFWeek events in June. But before I share this group of bloggers with you, I wanted to fill you in on the latest FFFWeek news:

Host Hotels: The Affinia has officially sold their block of rooms, but FFFWeek still has a group rate deal with the DoubleTree Hotel. If I were you, I’d contact both and see if any spots sneakily opened up at the Affinia (which is the site of a couple events). DoubleTree is just a couple blocks down from the fashion shows, so either location is great! Check out the page on Host Hotels for more information. I stayed at the Affinia last year, and it was so nice to be around other attendees of the events. I will be staying in an apartment this year just a block down the street.

Blogger/Stylist Events: There are a few events that are invitation-only (based on applications) for bloggers, magazine writers, etc. to meet and talk with specific plus-size brands about their products. Currently, the Kmart blogger event registration is open (event is on the 21st), as is the Ashley Stewart Blogger Breakfast registration (event is on the 17th). Both registration deadlines are May 20th, so get those in now if you are interested in attending the events.

Shopping Details: If you are planning on attending FFFWeek (or even just visiting NYC on your own), then you may be interested in learning where all of the plus-size shopping spots are located. Karen of Curvy Canadian wrote a piece for FFFWeek’s blog with the addresses of the best shopping destinations. This list includes department stores, independent designer showrooms, and larger retail locations. Check out Karen’s piece here.


Now! To the Fashion Front bloggers: I was lucky to meet some of these bloggers last year, and I’m looking forward to talking with them more and meeting the others for the first time. Each blogger brings to the group a different perspective to plus-size fashion, so that’s exciting just in itself.

Along with myself, the Fashion Front bloggers include:


Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista (USA)


Gaëlle-Vanessa of The Curvy and Curly Closet (France)


Danielle of Danimezza.com (Australia)


Ashley Rose of This Is Ashley Rose (Australia)


Lilli of Frocks and Frou Frou (Australia)


Glen of Full Figure Plus (USA)


Karyn of Killer Kurves (Canada)

tapestry 7

Brittany of Pockets and Bows (USA)


Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club (USA)


Karen of Curvy Canadian (Canada)


Ty of Gorgeous in Grey (USA)

As time keeps moving, I am getting more and more excited to attend the events. I knew Olivia was attending, but I also found out that Hanna and Dani will also be there! I’m also bringing a friend from home, Brittany, which is making the trip even sweeter.

Is there any particular information that you need in order to make your trip to FFFWeek smoother? Let me know and I will try to help!


  1. Awesome post! Lots of useful information. I will be attending FFFW for the first time so I’m trying to soak up as much information as I can. 🙂

    See you there!


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