FFFWeek Day Two: Empire State Building and Press Event

  Tuesday was my first full day in New York City, and Brittany and I didn’t want to waste a second of it. We got…



Tuesday was my first full day in New York City, and Brittany and I didn’t want to waste a second of it. We got up early to head to the two observatory decks at the Empire State Building. It ended up being a somewhat hazy morning, but it was still an awesome view of the city and put us in the New York mindset.






I didn’t realize that me and Brittany matched until I went through the pictures. Great minds think alike?


Besides the view, the next best thing about going to the Empire State Building was hearing the languages of all the visitors around us.


So you’d think being that high up in the air would mean you’d have a natural air conditioning with wind and all. Ehhh, wrong. So hot! After sweating for an hour I headed to the press event where I was very under dressed. Oops! The press event was fun though. I was able to chat briefly with the different brands that were showcasing collections or participating in the shopping event. I also got to finally meet Gabi of Gabifresh although I became a mute when I finally did meet her. I’d love to say that I can have a conversation with anyone but shyness came up a few times this past week.


Each vendor had their own table with look books, samples of products, and models displaying new looks from their collections. I started first at the Swimsuitsforall.com table where Gabi Gregg and Kellie Brown were discussing the brand and Gabi’s collaboration. Like I said earlier, I clammed up and pretty much smiled and nodded. I hate being one of those “starstruck” girls, but it was what it was.


Gabi and a model showing Swimsuits For All Polka Dot Bikini (similar style here)


Me and Gabi


Me and Kellie (the black and red version of this dress is still available at ASOS!)


Next I visited Aimee the designer of OnOz. She is so sweet and puts so much attention into her clothing. When I show her collection, you will see a lot of detailed, intricate textiles in her items. I may also have a giveaway coming up soon for some of her pieces.


The Skinny Billionairess also had some interesting pieces. I’ll be honest that the brand name throws me off since I am a fat chick who by no means aspires to be thin or super rich, but the brand had some cool things that went down the runway.


Youthery Khmer and friend were serving up some fierce poses as I went around. Loved her pieces she showed on the runway, and I loved what she wore all week too.


The sister design team behind ZMJ Denim were showcasing their flower print denim.


Kaela Humphries was there modeling for Evans. Here she is with Margie Ashcroft who writes for Lucky Magazine.


Rue 114




Ashley Stewart


Lane Bryant


Tru Diva designer and model


Reah Norman who styled Sonsi‘s looks for the week.


Another sister designer team for Huudaverti with model. I bonded with the sister on the left over our love for Asheville, NC πŸ™‚ You’ll see that these ladies love color and prints in the runway pictures.


Live Unlimited

After the press event, I met up with Brittany, Olivia, Ben, Gaelle, Jen, Jennifer, Sam, and AishaΒ (not pictured)Β for lunch down the street. They had just come from the Curvaceous K event, which I had to meet, and we had “New York’s Best Cheesecake” while also getting New York’s Worst Service ;). It was a lunch that lasted a LONG time, but fun and full of laughter.


From left to right: Ben, Jen, Brittany, and Olivia


Jennifer, Sam, and Gaelle


What I wore: Torrid Sweater, Old Navy White Tank, Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, and Target Shoes


What do you think of the press day looks?

Next post is the Curves for a Cure event!



  1. Well, People are a comin and a goin and you are standing there just as if to say, “I’m standing still in this moment ” in the street photo. I love your outfit. you could put some white pants with that and dress it up. All those models and designers! wow! Size 12 is not a plus size! I know I see some size 12s in there! But with so many beautiful designs, it is hard not to wear them.

  2. I think out of all these photos I like Reah’s dress the best. I’d totally wear that. I also like a lot of the Youthery Khmer items I have seen. They were very fierce with the posing!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Have you ever considered hosting a +size fashion TV show? You’d have plenty of material to work with plus your connections are top notch. Just a suggestion. P.S.: The “Me and Gabi” pic is lovely. The torrid sweater threw me off only because of its uneven bottom corners? Still fresh and chick though.

    1. Paul, I’d be an awful TV person. Writing I’m good with, speaking in person I’m good with, being recorded – the mumbling begins πŸ™‚ Thanks though!

  4. Fantastic, thanks for sharing. I’ve gone to press events under dressed before; don’t worry, you’re not aloneβ€”at least not in spirit. Looking forward to seeing these lines launch, some of the pieces are really fantastic πŸ™‚

  5. Noooooo you guys didn’t go to LINDY’S..? It was the worst place we ate at! It was next to the Affinia, it cost us 56$ for 2 breakfasts.. It was ridiculous.. πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL! Yes, we went to Lindy’s. It was the longest meal ever. And the smallest piece of cheesecake. We did have fun, but by the time lunch was over, we were ready to get out of there!

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